Rendez-Vous ’02: French TV Preview Gets a Review

Several years ago, the French TV export industry decided to take things into its own hands by creating the French TV Screenings, now known as the Rendez-Vous. French TV companies felt the need to create a relaxed-atmosphere market that would give focus to French television's industriousness and inventiveness. Although the importance of the larger international markets has never been questioned or downplayed by the organizers of the Rendez-Vous, the advantages offered by the "mini-market," including room to breathe for small and mid-sized companies, are clear, and years of continuing success for both the French TV industry and its Rendez-Vous prove it.

The annual Rendez-Vous, organized by Paris-based TV France International (TVFI), the association which, with 170 members, represents 80 percent of French TV companies. This year, the 8th Rendez-Vous will bring together 180 acquisition executives representing 115 television channels from 50 countries, and the representatives of 55 French television production and distribution companies. It is expected that some 80 percent of the 700 programs being presented at the mini-market will be new.

The Rendez-Vous, which will take place this year from September 9 to 13 in the French resort town of Saint-Tropez, is also a preview of programs that will premiere a full month before MIPCOM in nearby Cannes.

According to TVFI's official figures, during the last six years, French TV program sales have experienced steady growth. In 2000, revenue from sales, pre-sales and co-production reached 300.5 million euro.

On September 10, at Saint-Tropez' Moulins de Ramatuelle, TVFI's managing director, Mathieu Béjot, will present French sales figures for 2001. These figures are also to be published in a report written by TVFI in association with French audiovisual organizations such as the INA and the CNC.

On the evening of September 12, TVFI will hold its Rendez-Vous' Gala Dinner. The managing director of the CNC will preside over the event, alongside Jean-Michel Couve, Deputy Mayor of Saint-Tropez, Jean Louis Guillaud, president of TVFI, and Béjot. Also attending the event will be representatives from various French TV networks.