January Issue

Cover Stories:

  • The Future is Not What it Used to Be. Today, the Future of Television is Innovative Conservatism.
  • Canada’s DTT Moving at an Andante Adagio Pace.
  • NATPE Makes Deals to Save Mart’s Future.
  • A TV Season in Purgatory; Redeeming Values Sought.


Ratings Special

  • Demographics Counted By Viewers’ Behavior.
  • Remember, TV Outlets: Loyalty is to the Advertiser.
  • The AFM Ready to Prove Itself a Better Market. Report of MIFED’s Demise Exaggerated by Variety.
  • Inside U.K.-U.S. Trade: Transatlantic TV Biz Cri$$ Cro$$.
  • Blame Canada Series: Terminating the Runaway Production on Arnold’s Agenda.
  • New Kids’ Channel on the U.S. Block Speaks Hispanic.
  • Toward a Latin TV Recovery: Jornadas’ Smoke Signals, Miami’s Spain TV Expo.

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