October Issue

Cover Stories:


  • Editorial: Good regulations take technology into account, lower costs, foster competition, add choices and dispel monopolistic dictatorships
  • World: Germany, Taiwan, Asia Film Fest, U.S.
  • Book Review: The good old days were full of anecdotes
  • MIPCOM Preview: Read all about its path to success
  • Investigating the sub-genres. Plus: RTL’s Weiler gets top honors at MIPCOM
  • NATPE Preview: New Venue, same city, more excitement, why not some controversy?
  • AFM Vs. MIFED: Aiding the creation of a third market in Germany
  • In Licensing: Classic and retro are full speed ahead
  • Montreal Film Festival: Fighting off the “shamble” image
  • DISCOP’s future is brighter by the passing years
  • Monte Carlo’s Latin connection gets formats going
  • Promax: Brands show all their power
  • DVDs find the kids’ path to riches
  • DVD hits the European shores like a Tsunami
  • The revival of docu-films hits the cinema as an alternative to far-right television
  • Copying the U.K. is easy, but is it good?
  • Reaching the U.S. Hispanic audience is easier said than done
  • Cable TV channels’ start-ups struggle with starting up
  • Selling something, anything to the cellular phone industry
  • Wireless and television: a marriage made in heaven with a prenuptial
  • Tivo’s Back...and this time it’s for real!
  • People Meters give TV ratings agita!
  • Finding the elusive male demo in TV game-land
  • Banff’s TV fest is back from Neverland
  • Calendar of events on the horizon