April Issue

Cover Stories:


  • My Two Cents: The alter ego talks to the press
  • World: Monte Carlo, Canada, U.S., Brazil, China, South Africa, Nigeria, Famous quotes.
  • Book Review: Book reviewer trashes author who trashes subject
  • Singaporeans visit Rome to digest Italian digital TV and they get agita!
  • NATPE Review: It’s better than the preview
  • David Post explains the fourth screen
  • TV in Spain is mainly on the “plan” - since everything is in a planning stage
  • The road to Banff paved with . . . new hopes
  • TV toy town gets a licensing makeover
  • Kids TV: Dealing with gender neutrality when everything else is biased
  • Cable TV gives a booster shot to U.S. syndication
  • DVD business might even be good for syndication
  • Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Public Domain films but didn’t have time to sort out
  • Selling old movies makes a lot of cents
  • Is TV news nowadays “Fair ’n balanced”?
  • German TV Special Report
    • The business of the TV business
    • Production is not getting respect
    • Entering the U.S. TV market
    • Pay-TV falls down first, then climbs up
  • Southern Star is guided by documentaries
  • Calendar for lunch meetings