October 2006 Issue

Cover Stories:


  • World: U.S., South Korea, Italy, U.K., Jordan, Israel, Canada
  • Film fest feast opens film season
  • Fall TV season falls all over the world
  • When U.S. cable really matters broadcast TV can benefit. Canada reacts
  • When satellite really matters, cable has to get tough
  • Ratings’ ratings: Audience research goes after the Internet buzz
  • TV stations are slow to take up the Internet as a promotional tool
  • Hollywood gambles with gaming
  • MIPCOM whispers and wishes
  • E! platforms at MIPCOM
  • The “long tail” of MIPCOM
  • Remaking telenovelas. The formula is pure chemistry
  • The drama at Univision plays like a telenovela
  • DISCOP: A market full of hope. Growing pains are no-shows

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