September/October 2008 Issue

Cover Stories:


  • World: China, India, U.S., Italy, Turkey, U.K.
    Plus: Famous quotes
  • Book Review. The past and future of telenovelas. The easiest part was predicting the future
  • Brasil TV Forum proved to be a great meeting spot for Portuguese-language TV networks around the world
  • DISCOP could be the only market in the world where its growing pains delighted everyone
  • Promax’s sad story: television became just a sidebar. Event stripped of its TV biz buzz
  • European film commissions are like farmers who want film and TV businesses to bloom in their respective territories
  • Airlines and hotels nickel and dime travelers in exchange for aggravation, exasperation and hardship
  • Buzz marketing and other devilish techniques are all the rage in today’s TV biz
  • Argentina’s telenovelas pick people’s pockets while warming their hearts
  • Economy cools Licensing Show in N.Y. Will Las Vegas move heat it up?
  • Broadcast to broadband part 1: WiMax reaches U.S. shores
  • YouTube vs. professional TV: Who’s gonna win? Plus, Q & A with Glauco Benigni, the Italian who threw a book at YouTube
  • Broadcast to broadband, part 2: Four big players of IPTV
  • Writer wants you to understand that P2P is no longer permission 2 pirate, for crying out loud!
  • U.S. international channels: conquering the world without you knowing it
  • MIPCOM preview. The best is yet to come
  • Production & finance: whose rights are they anyway?
  • SPORTELMonaco: post-Olympics blues
  • Florida Media Market shines on film and TV in Latin America and Hispanic market
  • List of pilots shown and not shown in May at the L.A. Screenings
  • Calendar of events and convention news
  • My 2¢. Give television’s R&D its due. In the long run it makes for a good run all the way to the bank


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