November/December 2010
Volume 30 No. 7

January-February 2011 Cover
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November/December 2010

Cover stories:

Virtual TV trade shows coming soon on a screen near you. But traditional brick-and-mortar markets are on the rebound

Improved Economy Makes Asia TV Market A Better Showcase In Singapore

Japan: From no-glasses 3D to holographic TV. But making consumers consume is still the nation’s number one task

German Screenings: Great chances for real edelweiss, but Austria could also offer good film reel surrogate

World: Argentina, Italy, Monaco, U.K., U.S., Mexico, Australia. Letters and famous quotes

Book Review: How the Internet is changing our brains. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

MIPCOM Review: Dancing to the tune of program sales in the convention’s aisles

AFM Report: Film market facing the hard reality of business facts

Roma Cinema Fest has Italians enjoying the festivities more than the business

Calendar of memorable events

My 2¢. Quality TV vs. Internet relevance: TV will win