January/February 2011
Volume 31 No. 1

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January/February 2011

Cover stories:

Caracol’s Telenovela Unfolds Daily On and Off TV Screens

The Change In Spain Is Mainly On The Air

Miracle NATPE

Miami Gives NATPE Hope, Warmth & Biz

World. Germany, U.S., Singapore, Argentina, U.K., Hungary

Book Review. A life in and out of television cameras: David Susskind

Seccion en Espanol:

Preview del NATPE de Miami Beach

Shows difficiles de vender no tienen un comun denominador

El negocio del obsoleto

Latin America TV Distribution Directory. An updated buyers’ guide for NATPE

Colombian TV in facts and figures

Conference and event news: Travel tips for your trips with some important calendar dates

My2¢. Toilet paper in Europe played a big role in the future of TV trade shows held there