March/April 2011
Volume 31 No. 2

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April 2011

Cover stories:

FremantleMedia's Tony Cohen: A journalist with (tele) vision. The sad vision: "the middle ground is fast disappearing"

Father & Daughter Teams: Sure Formula For Success. They are few around the world, but they're good

To find top executives in a tough business environment, companies turn to top job finders

When award is not a word. The proliferation of awards is fast becoming a word for disaster

World: Cyprus, U.S., Turkey, Afghanistan. Famous quotes

Book Review. Talk ain't cheap, but it can be fun: Talk shows with Dick Cavett

Corny but true for NATPE: Miami market marked momentous moments. It couldn't have been said better

MIP-TV preview. A great market waiting to happen

L.A. Screenings preview. Looking ahead to a post-Charlie Sheen U.S. TV season

Laughs are serious business for Just For Laughs

Buying vs. local production: Who and what TV stations are buying in the age of selling

Micro-payments could offer macro revenues. No longer a case of analog dollars vs. digital pennies

DISCOP Africa. The bright side of the black continent: Africa's continued television growth offers hope

Conference and event news with a bit of airline bytes

My2¢. NATPE's elevator problems can be stopped by just pushing a few buttons