June 2011
Volume 31 No. 4

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June 2011

Cover stories:

India’s Tata trades Bollywood for Hollywood. Americans ready to make the deal

Videotape shortage slows down world production and distribution. It's more serious than what's being said.

Exploitation is a 360-degree TV business. Anything less is not show business

Enough is enough. Are there too many DISCOP markets?

World: UK, Belarus, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Canada

Book review. From TV foe to TV friendly: Googling to heart's content

LA Screenings review. More pilots, more expenditure, more elders, more distributors

BCWW: The soul of Seoul. Korean TV trade show wants to challenge other Asian markets

Indian animation biz brings money to the table

Calendar of events

There should be many more Rupert Murdochs (per country) in the world