September/October 2011
Volume 31 No. 5

September/October 2011
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September/October 2011

Cover stories:

U.S. studios bracing for awesome "Incos" competition

Film financing models: Rewards in film investment are varied and against all odds

Are PIIGS countries affecting the Int'l TV Biz?
Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain are now paying for past government excesses

From idea to pilot: The U.S. dream factory is adding obstacles to an already difficult process

  • World: Italy, U.S., Brazil, Canada, U.K., Famous quotes
  • Book Review: The dark side of late-night U.S. TV shows
  • DISCOP review. Changes, Turkish power, studios' screenings made for a dramatic event
  • Trade ad campaigns. Results always come, but always at a price
  • MIPCOM Preview: Rubles, Rupee and Real. Money rumbles in Cannes
  • Fall 2011 season: Retro trend is forward thinking for U.S. television
  • L.A. Screenings in Cannes: MIPCOM's vital Latin component
  • Indian animation houses set for growth and consolidation
  • Turkish TV Special
  • Digital delivery: Tapeless in Seattle. Swiss "bank" enters B2B content delivery
  • New dubbing biz models needed to get TV shows off the shelves and onto the air
  • EBITDA fever: The art of the takeover tends to exclude joint ventures
  • Traditional media losing "FT Global 500" rank
  • Theatrical distribution costs: For indies digital cinema is more real than reels
  • Conference and event news
  • My 2¢: Accuracy versus impartiality in news reporting. Uncertainty wins