March/April 2012
Volume 32 No. 2

March/April 2012
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March/April 2012

Cover stories:

Described video could add millions of blind users to television consumption
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L.A. Screenings: Expect comediennes, Brit-tested shows and wacky families. But a large number of pilots will assure a good mix
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The PR biz: Between a hard rock (client) and a harder place (media). A look behind the pitch
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In the U.S., states are banking on tax downloads.Other countries are undoubtedly follow suit

World: Italy, China, U.S., Poland, Canada

Tech News: 3D shows on 2D, IPTV eliminates PVR, DVB-2T, Spectrum shortage, Eutelsat’s 4,000 mark

Book Review (Review). U.K. TV series makes Americans class-(un)conscious

MIP-TV preview. New dates add uncertainty to an already stressed-out market

DISCOP in Istanbul shows that neither snow nor rain can slow down the MECANA TV engine

Children’s Television. Kids TV experts like to summit at Kidscreen in New York

Predictions and projections: What more to expect for the TV biz in 2012

A Tribute: NATPE Ends Rick Feldman’s era at the dawn of its 50th anniversary

Product placement. Unloved and distrusted, it gets a shaky reception in Europe

Convergence and morality. If Internet TV feels like broadcast TV, rules should apply, but more lightly

Conference, travel news and calendar of events

My2¢. The Emmy must differentiate between broadcast and pay-TV
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