July 2013
Volume 33 No. 5

May 2013
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July 2013

Cover stories:

World. Caracas, Hollywood. Plus famous quotes

Book Review: Stage moms, beware. Especially the
demanding, unpredictable, fiscally irresponsible kinds

L.A. Screenings: A plethora of new shows makes for chilly screening rooms. Blankets needed to warm up
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Mart Preview: NATPE Budapest’s participants are lukewarm for
CEE mart, but happy about separate studio screenings

Made in Italy: Venice Film Fest, Prix Italia, Studio Universal’s 15th anniversary

The Jornadas of Argentina: Television in south America is moving its center of gravity south
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Calendar: 10 events not to miss. Plus some travel news

My 2¢ editorial: Print media is alive and well.
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