September/October 2013
Volume 33 No. 6

October 2013
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September/October 2013

Cover stories:

The economy of U.S. studios biz model is purely financial
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Everything is for sale, but what’s left to buy?

What TV executives don’t like about the industry
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World: U.S., Vietnam, Zimbabwe. Plus, Notable Quotes

Tech Talk

Book Review: Larry King, A Good Listener on TV Talks in Print

Mart Review: Indies and studios harmonized at NATPE Budapest

Withholding tax represents one of the many hidden costs of international program distribution business
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Content license fees are finally stabilizing

What to expect from the new season of U.S. TV

Middle East: Crowdfunding and online distribution for Arab filmmakers.
myTV partners with media gurus

Canada: Begging for production money becomes fun

Latin America: Brazil offers a new TV landscape

Festivals: Venice Film Fest and Mart report

TV Biz: MIPCOM preview

Movie Biz: AFM showcase

Road to NATPE

Focus on SportelMonaco

Calendar of events with news you can use

My Two Cents: Why skip TV commercials when they’re more entertaining than the programs?
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