September/October 2014
Volume 34 No. 6

Sept Oct 2014
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September/October 2014

Cover stories:

Doing lunch at the major U.S. studios for the L.A. Screenings
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Big Fights for sports TV audiences
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Marc-Antoine d’Halluin’s Zodiak Takes a New Path

World: Croatia’s NEM

Tech Talk: 4K-TV, DTTV

Book Review: The life and times of U.S. artist Sammy Davis Jr.

TCA Review: U.S. TV nets’ top brass discuss changes

Mart Report: At NATPE Europe comparison with Budapest is unavoidable

Italian TV: RAI, when the drama of fiction enters politics

Italian TV: Rainbow, Europe’s largest animation house

U.S..Summit of TV and Radio: Live at the Giants Awards

Movie Biz: AFM attendees looking for $ sign

Market Preview: MIPCOM

Having offices in various parts of the world is not a status symbol

Having a laugh is good for the TV biz. Seriously

Programming is king, but brand is queen
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TV re-windowing

Sunday is the new Thursday

TV and the evolution of the smartphone

Europe’s shrinking production budgets

Programming: A buyer’s perspective

Calendar of Events

My 2 Cents: The market bags of yesteryear were practical and useful
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