May 2015
Volume 35 No. 4

May 2015
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May 2015

Cover stories:

Market Review: A short MIP-TV gets shorter, a long conference schedule gets longer

Spanish Section:
• Compradores hacen “magia” para estirar sus presupuestos de compra
• Vendiendo (o comprando) programas de TV que ni siquiera gustan a los vendedores (o a los compradores)
• Miami: Capital de cine y TV latinoamericano

International TV Distribution Hall of Fame: Marcel Vinay Sr., a pioneer who covered all aspects of LATAM TV and its history
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2015-16 U.S. TV pilot season is airborne, but also cableborne and digitalborne

Who’s screening at the Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel and on the studio lots

Indie program sales guide mostly for LATAM, but all are welcome

L.A. Screenings Preview: Organic mart testing indies’ faith, patience
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Event planner, travel news and more

MyTwoCents: The Int’l TV Distribution Hall of Fame honors the pioneers who created a sector that became so rich that it supports the entire TV industry.
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