June/July 2015

June July 2015
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Lost & Sold (lifestyle/reality)
Introduces viewers to the uncharted territory of buying and selling lost-in-transit packages.
Zerby Derby (animation/kids)
Pint-sized cars live and play in a life-size forest with life-size trees and rocks.
Rocket Monkeys (animation/kids)
Gus and Wally are monkeynauts who carry out important space missions with the help of their robot YAY-OK.
Antisocial (horror film)
Five university friends ring in the New Year at a house party. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, an epidemic breaks out across the globe, and they must remain together inside the house to try to discover how the outbreak began and who can be trusted.
Cas and Dylan (dramedy film)
Richard Dreyfuss plays Dr. Cas Pepper, a terminally ill older man who unexpectedly finds himself on the run with a 22-year-old social outcast, Dylan, after he strikes her angry boyfriend with his car.
Brojects (lifestyle/reality)
Brothers Kevin and Andrew Buckles remove themselves from the grind of their everyday lives and move to a cottage sanctuary, where they tackle complex and quirky DIY cottage building projects.
The Pagan Christ (factual) (pictured)
Investigates the possibility that the New Testament is based on myth and metaphor with national bestselling author Tom Harpur.


Stand H-15

The Voice of Freedom (series) (pictured)
Tells the story of Helena Vargas, a Colombian singer in the 1950s who, through her music, expressed a desire for women to be more than housewives and mothers.
Football Dreams (series)
Uses a touch of fiction to recreate true facts about the personal and public lives of four of the most emblematic Colombian National Football Team’s players — Carlos Valderrama, Freddy Rincón, René Higuita and Faustino Asprilla.
The Mother in Law (telenovela)
After Victoria Maldonado has a bad experience while in the U.S., she returns to her native country, where she left her family, long-time boyfriend, and wedding gown company. But upon her return, Victoria discovers that her children have ruined her company, and she must take control to try to win it back.
The Lord of the Skies (series)
Aurelio Casillas is determined to be the next Pablo Escobar, replacing him as the dominant drug lord in Mexico in the 1990s. With a fleet of 27 aircraft, he’s nicknamed “The Lord of the Skies,” but he’ll have to outsmart a police officer intent on capturing him.
The Dance Floor (entertainment)
A revolutionary dance talent competition that sees 16 dance groups led by experienced Colombian singers dance to popular songs.
The Challenge, Africa (reality series)
Participants live together and compete on three teams for a large cash prize.
Sounds Like a Million (game show)
Contestants use their musical abilities — singing, dancing, identifying a tune and playing instruments — to win a variety of prizes.



I Want You (romance/comedy/music)
Contestants from The Voice of China star as a group of young music enthusiasts who follow their dreams to pursue their love of singing.
Meeting The Giant (inspirational drama) (pictured)
A magnate and well-known figure in the world of basketball funded a two-year training program for young Chinese basketball players with the goal of elevating the country’s standing, reinvigorating the sport and finding the next Yao Ming. This drama looks at how these young people overcome obstacles during the training program.
The Second Coming 3D (suspense/horror)
A family is forced to confront their horrible past after a young girl’s behavior becomes increasingly strange. Inspired by true depictions of the traumatic experiences of poor migrants.
Celup (drama)
A young Malay girl who’s been living in the U.S. must move to Singapore to live with her father after her mother dies in an accident, but she doesn’t fit in, and even her brother thinks her Westernized habits are snobbish.
Home (documentary)
Explores traditional dwellings in Singapore, China, India, Japan, Korea and other Southeast Asian countries, concentrating on how the architecture and furnishings reflect the local geography, climate and customs; how the way of life influences residents’ visions of “home,” and the ideals they uphold in their homes.
What Do Men Want (drama/comedy)
A coming-of-age story about two 35-year-olds, Jimmy and Bob, who are struggling actors, friends and roommates looking for love.
healthyMEtv (health)
Singapore’s first transmedia IPTV channel offers health TV programming via www.healthyMEtv.com to educate and motivate Singaporeans to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. The channel’s content encompasses a wide range of health and well-being topics, including exercise, fitness and relaxation programs, nutritional advice and tips for healthy cooking and eating.



Joseph from Egypt (José del Egipto) (series) (pictured)
In the biblical story, Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers and called upon by the Pharaoh to interpret his dreams. He predicts that Egypt will suffer a famine in seven years. When the famine finally comes, Joseph’s brothers come looking to be saved, not realizing that the governor of Egypt is their brother.
The Penny Lady (La Pichinchona) (telenovela)
Carlota Losano is an uneducated, kind and explosive market worker known for giving what is left from her booth to the poor.
Tricky Business (Los Tramposos) (telenovela)
Three different storylines intertwine. One follows a married couple struggling with gambling and debt, another follows a seemingly perfect family with a huge paternity secret and the third centers on two competing stepbrothers and business partners.
King David (Rey David) (series)
Presents the biblical story of David from his early days in Bethlehem preparing to herd his father’s sheep to when he’s chosen by God to replace King Saul.
Jackpot! (Vidas en Juego) (telenovela)
A group of friends win the lottery and decide that whoever completes certain goals they set for themselves within a year can stake claim to half of the winnings. But something fishy is going on, and soon the friends begin to die off.
Samson and Delilah (Sansón y Dalila) (series)
Philistine woman Delilah seduces the undefeatable Hebrew warrior Samson to discover the secret of his strength.
Esther, the Queen (La Saga de La Reina Esther) (series)
The ancient story of Esther, the queen of Persia, who must save her fellow Jews from extermination.



Birobidzhan, Music of the Soul (documentary)
Takes a look at a province beyond Siberia that welcomes different beliefs, cultures, languages and traditions.
The Team (documentary) (pictured)
The director of the documentary coaches a basketball team made up of teens from various backgrounds: Dominicans, Slavs, Moroccans, Italians and Swiss.
Who’s Afraid of the Chinese? (documentary)
Introduces Westerners to the Chinese people. Viewers meet Dan and Luigi (she’s Chinese and he’s Swiss-Italian), who are both involved in music and draw the best out of their cultures, rising above clichés.
Dignity: We Shall Return (documentary)
Follows the plight of thousands of Syrian refugees who flee the civil war and enter Lebanon.
The Return of the Wolf (documentary)
Investigates what steps are being taken to protect livestock in the Alps from wolves.
Current Events and Cultural Trends in 7 Minutes (series)
“Cult TV” showcases the experiences, reflections and voices of the people who experience and create culture.
Foodies (series)
Viviana Lapertosa interviews young chefs — Anton Schmaus, Edouard Loubet, Aurora Mazzucchelli, Ronny Emborg and Markus Arnold — who are revolutionizing the European culinary scene.


Stand TBC

The Power of Destiny (telenovela) (pictured)
Ivan Villagomez was wrongly accused in the death of a gang member and fled to the U.S. After 11 years, Ivan decides to return to Mexico to recover what is rightfully his.
A Shelter For Love (telenovela)
Luciana — who has a difficult past — lands a job as a maid in the Torreslandas’ home, where she falls in love with Rodrigo, who is already engaged. When Luciana becomes pregnant, she decides not to tell Rodrigo and has the baby on her own.
Dancegerous (format/light entertainment)
In each episode, two different celebrities select contestants to form dance teams that compete against each other in front of a jury of three celebrities on dance floors that are as fun as they are dangerous.
Los González (format/fiction series/real hidden cameras)
Combines fiction and reality when a fictional family takes to the streets to pull hidden camera pranks on real victims.
Sing It, Sell It (format/entertainment)
Participants record videos of themselves singing and trying to sell all kinds of items, from jewelry to clothes to sports to art to technology and entertainment.
Playback (format/humorous talent show)
A jury of four celebrities must determine whether the artists on stage are actually singing live or lip-synching to someone else’s voice hiding behind the Playback Booth. The jury must eliminate the artists who lip synch and unanimously guess the contestant who is actually singing.
Ale Hop! (format/talent show)
Each week, seven coaches help seven celebrities prepare a variety performance in which they demonstrate their skills in magic, circus, modern cabaret, music, humor and more.



Lucia’s Secrets (Los Secretos de Lucía) (series) (pictured)
Lucia is a former arms dealer and killer suffering from amnesia who must bury her past before it jeopardizes her future.
Sweet Thing (Cosita Linda) (telenovela)
Two very different families from very different worlds come together when Diego and Ana fall in love.
Miss Venezuela, All for the Crown (Miss Venezuela, Todo Por La Corona) (reality series)
Follows the Miss Venezuela constants through rehearsals, testing and training as they compete for the chance to represent their country in the Miss Universe pageant.
Inside Football (Futbología) (news magazine)
Offers in-depth coverage of the largest spectator sport in the world — what Americans call soccer. It’s available worldwide, except in Latin America and the Hispanic U.S.
Love Gone Crazy (De Todas Maneras Rosa) (telenovela)
Rosa and Leonardo fall hopelessly in love just before she suffers a horrible tragedy that has an adverse effect on her state of mind. When she regains her sanity a decade later, she comes face-to-face with him again.
Rosario (telenovela)
A young and brilliant law student falls in love with a veteran attorney, but her plans to marry him change when she discovers he was engaged to her mother 20 years earlier.
My Life in Sayulita (Mi Vida En Sayulita) (reality)
A group of teenagers live it up in a tropical paradise during summer break, and it changes their outlook on life.


Stand N20

The Lisa Oz Show (talk show) (pictured)
Hosted by relationship expert and bestselling author Lisa Oz, this show teaches viewers to establish meaningful relationships with their surroundings, family, friends and themselves, all in the spirit of living well.
Yogi Cameron: A Model Guru (reality series)
Former supermodel-turned-Ayurvedic healer and yoga master Yogi Cameron uses ancient healing treatments to help people recover from health problems. The new season features a reunion episode with participants from season one.
Dueling Doctors (talk show)
Dr. Frank Spinelli, MD pits two physicians with different approaches against one another to debate the best treatments for common ailments. One physician practices conventional Western medicine, while the other follows a holistic, integrative, Eastern-based approach.
Fit Famous Fabulous (health and wellness series)
Host Adrienne Janic learns about the workouts, diets, training regimens and treatments that screen, sports and stage stars use to look and feel great.
Yogapalooza (fitness series)
Bari Koral is a performer, songwriter and yoga teacher who uses simple yoga moves to help grade-school children exercise. She uses poses that mimic caterpillars becoming butterflies and rocket ships blasting through space.
Veria Living Top 10 (health and wellness)
Each episode features top healthy lifestyle gurus, nutrition experts, fitness mavens and doctors counting down the 10 best examples of a particular wellness theme.