June/July 2015

June July 2015
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NATPE 2015

Tresor Tower, 2-1809/2-1811

Sons of Liberty (drama series)
Sam Adams, John Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock and Joseph Warren come together in secrecy to put the building blocks for America in place

UnREAL (dramatic comedy series)
Goes behind-the-scenes of the production of a dating competition show, with a producer who manipulates the stars to create drama

Gangland Undercover (scripted series)
Introduces viewers to the reality of outlaw biker counterculture with the help of Charles Falco, who infiltrated three different outlaw biker gangs

Marilyn (scripted drama)
Delves into the details of Marilyn Monroe’s life

Bible Secrets Revealed (region series)
Who wrote the Bible? How old is it? And how accurate is it? From the Old Testament to the Book of Revelation, this series features reenactments and interviews with the experts

Embajadores de la Mafia (history series)
Peeks into the lives of late gangsters Abelardo Rodriguez, Bugsy Siegel, Virginia Hill and Meyer Lansky, who built empires in Latin America

Tiny House Nation (lifestyle series/Halloween special)
Renovation experts and hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin travel across America showing off ingenious small spaces

Love Prison (entertainment series)
Online couples meet for the first time in a tiny shack on a remote island. Will they stay together or call it quits when it’s all over?


Tresor Tower 2-2211

2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (music special)
A runway show that features Victoria’s Secret Angels and musical megastars

Top Twenty Funniest (reality series)
Comedic commentary charts the best viral videos, home movies, surveillance clips, event footage and news bloopers in a countdown to the week’s funniest

2015 16th Annual Latin Grammy Awards (music special)
Celebrates Latin culture and showcases the very top talent in the world of Latin music

Breaking the Magician’s Code: Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed (reality series)
Dazzles audiences the way the magicians do

Jesus, Moses, Abraham — The Bible Group of Miniseries (miniseries)
The series of 13 Biblical stories has become standard fare on Latin American TV for 20 years on Christmas and Easter


Tresor Tower 2-1714

Día Noche (series)
All agents who’ve committed an illegal act or “unmentionable sin” are sent to the 24th Squad.
Some return to the active force but others must remain “in exile” on this undesirable squad until they finally retire

Cunning Girls (Guapas) (series)
When they lose their savings, their dreams are shattered, but seven years later, five women — Monica, Mey, Lorena, Andrea and Laura — get a second chance

Dissemblers (Farsantes) (series)
Guillermo Graziani is a prestigious lawyer who’s been disbarred and puts together a new firm with a motley crew of associates

Same Old Friends (Mis Amigos de Siempre) (series)
Three friends reunite after 10 years to save the club where they met playing soccer as children

My Love for You (Por Amor a Vos) (telenovela)
This telenovela is set in an apartment building and revolves around Margarita, a woman who’s forced to take a job as a janitor

Somebody to Love Me (Alguien que me Quiera) (telenovela)
The quiet life at Southern Community Market is disrupted when a series of events that involve love, hate and alliances shakes things up

Teach Me How to Live (Enseñame a Vivir) (series)
After her parents are killed in a plane crash, Clodine is left in the forest by the family’s servants, but 20 years later she’s found to be alive and well


Tresor Tower, 2-2404

Asi En El Barrio Como En El Cielo (telenovela)
A rich man becomes poor, but his love never waivers

UEPA: Un Escenario Para el Amor (telenovela)
Lourdes is a bar dancer but tells everyone she’s an important psychologist. Will her love turn on her when he learns the truth?

El Hombre De Tus Sueños (The Man of Your Dreams) (comedy)
A hard-working single father in the throes of a midlife crisis finds himself working at dating agency The Man of your Dreams

Soy Tu Doble (I’m Your Double) (reality show/entertainment format)
12 women and 12 men compete to demonstrate their singing skills and ability to imitate the voice, movements and personality of a well-known singer

Kitchen to Fame (reality/cooking competition)
Fourteen cooks with no professional experience compete to become the country’s new cooking celebrity in this interactive series

Niñas Mal 2 (youth telenovela/drama)
Adela agrees to help out her friend and take over a class of “bad girls”

Ultimo Año/Senior Year (youth telenovela/thriller)
Martin moves in with Benjamin and manipulates him until he’s all alone, unpopular and without any friends. Now it’s Benjamin’s turn to reclaim his life



Super Latina (talk show)
This talk show is already a hit with U.S. Hispanic audiences, and is now available for Latin America

South Beach Classics (reality series)
A reality show that’s focused on the classic car world, currently airing on Velocity Network in the U.S.

Bikini Destinations (travel series)
Swimsuit models explore beaches from the Bahamas to Tahiti to South America

Shakira: Hits Don’t Lie (music documentary)
Follows the rise of the incredibly successful Latin pop star who got her first record deal at 13

J Lo: Let’s Get Real (music documentary)
Explores the life of the Latin diva who’s done it all — acting, singing, dancing and fashion design

Movie Specials (specials)
Behind-the-scenes peeks into upcoming releases, including Jurassic World, Ted 2, Magic Mike XXL, Maze Runner 2, Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, and Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Raggs (kids series)
This live-action and animated Spanish musical TV series for kids stars a band of five pups who play out emotional and humorous stories that explore issues faced by real kids. The show also has an extensive licensing brand, which includes toys, books, DVDs, and live performances. The series is a global production, with roots in Mexico, Australia and Miami. The series was created by Toni Steedman, a U.S. marketing executive and writer, who is also executive producer on the series


Haute & Saucy (cooking series)
Kelly Randall Sia teaches viewers to “eat well, dress well, live well” as she whips up food with international flair in style

Rob the Robot (kids series)
The title character and his friends Ema the alien linguist, TK the walking toolkit and Orbit the quirky artist take space exploration to a new level

Animal Atlas (nature & wildlife series)
Introduces viewers to exotic and interesting animals, from tigers to apes to giant lizards from the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia

Doctor What: Diagnosis Unknown (format)
Every week, junior doctors are introduced to a mysterious case through video reenactments and asked to use the clues in the video to make their diagnosis

Beauty Academy (format)
Though thousands of contestants will apply, only the top 12 will be accepted into the Beauty Academy and only one will win

If Food Runs Out (people and social)
Experts offer their insights into how to deal with a global food crisis as four major food crops decline across the globe

Bird Park (Nature & Wildlife)
Teaches viewers everything they want to know about birds, including mating rituals, eating habits, social habits and how they can help with conservation efforts


MT 120

Bark Ranger (family movie)
Jack and his friends Chloe and James are on the trail of bad guys in the Yukon Wilderness, but when the kids get in a pickle, it’s up to Jack’s dog Barky to save them

David Rocco’s Dolce Vita (lifestyle series/holiday special)
Introduces viewers to healthy, simple food to share with family, with majestic Italian cities as the backdrop

Lost & Sold (series)
Undelivered and unclaimed, couriers auction off packages each week, and a zany crew of buyers make their bids

Max and Me (family movie)
Max the dog is owned by a rich older woman who is very kind, but when her greedy nephew plots to take over her fortune, it’s up to Max and a little boy named Danny to stop him

Pirate Express (animated kids series)
Twelve-year-old Newt is captain of a pirate ship, and he and his crew have a number of adventures

Rocket Monkeys (animated kids series)
Gus and Wally are two monkeys who are a barrel of fun when they’re sent into space

Rustic Adventures: Italy and Argentina (food/travel/adventure series)
Follows Rob Rossi and Craig Harding, two young chefs who live out their dream of building their own restaurants from the bottom up and seek out inspiration in interesting places


Tresor Tower, 2-2015

Fallen Over Love (Voltea) (telenovela)
The characters in this novela are too immersed in their day-to-day problems that they don’t see love standing right in front of them

Route 35, The Escape Valve (Ruta 35, La Valvula de Escape) (teleseries)
Criminals become informants for U.S. federal agencies to avoid prosecution and risk their lives every day

XRC (Xtreme Reality Clips) (series)
Includes high-speed pursuits, police shoot-outs, cliffhanging rescues and more

Secret Love (Amor Secreto) (telenovela)
A hardworking and honest woman falls in love with her widower boss

Emerald Heart (Corazón Esmeralda)(telenovela)
Salvatierra’s long lost daughter, Beatriz, is an ecologist battling the powerful industrialist she doesn’t know is her father

Criminal MasterMind (DeMente Criminal) (teleseries)
Veronica suspects a renowned psychiatrist of killing her daughter; he has her declared insane and begins experimenting on her

Non-Dialogue Comedies (comedies)
The catalog includes hundreds of hours of scripted and non-scripted programs, home videos, pranks, candid cameras, gags, bloopers and more from Just for Laughs, Novovision and QuebeComm


Tresor Tower, 2-3415, 2-3417

Olympus (drama series)
A blend of CGI and live-action takes viewers on an adventure into the ancient world of humans, gods and monsters

The Driver (drama miniseries)
Tired of his life as a taxi driver, Vince accepts an offer to be the driver for a crime syndicate boss

Residue (sci-fi drama series)
Eight characters are caught up in the aftermath of a freak explosion in the heart of a sprawling, futuristic city

The Ark (drama feature)
Noah’s life is turned upside down with news of a flood and God’s instructions — to build a huge arc capable of carrying the future of the world

Atari: Game Over (documentary feature)
The hunt is on for 3.5 million unsold copies of “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” video game, said to have been the cause of Atari’s downfall in 1984


Tresor Tower, 2-1910/2-1912

Frozen (feature film)
Anna, princess of Arendelle, sets off on an epic journey to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the entire kingdom in an eternal winter

Pocahontas (feature film)
In 1607, British adventurers come to the New World looking for gold and other treasures; the Native American daughter of Chief Powhatan ponders her path in life

The Muppets (feature film)
Walter, the world’s biggest Muppet fan, stages a telethon to save the Muppet Theater, reuniting the classic characters

Cars (feature film)
Hotshot rookie racecar driver Lightning McQueen is detoured in the sleepy town of Radiator Springs, where he gets to know some offbeat characters


Stand 221

Black Money Love (Diamantes Secretos Amor) (drama series)
Two people from two very different worlds are shot in the same car and their families piece together the mystery, which is related to diamonds

Black Rose (Rosa Negra) (drama series)
After her husband disappears, Ebru discovers that he was leading a double life and the child she thought was dead is actually alive

In Between (Entre Dos Amores) (drama series)
Neriman is a young girl who must decide between a conventional life and a more modern one as she begins to question the man she’s expected to marry

20 Minutes (20 Minutos) (drama series)
Ali’s life is destroyed in no time when his wife is arrested and accused of murder

Tree of Life (Arbol de la Vida) (drama series)
Murat takes on a huge responsibility to save his family after their business burns down, unaware that Kenan has been waiting for years to get revenge

The Tulip Age (La Era de los Tulipanes) (drama series)
Two families — one that’s successful and well known, the other that’s famous, but on the edge of bankruptcy — find their paths crossing thanks to a marriage

Love Is In The Air (El Amor Flota En El Aire) (drama series)
Two beautiful sisters — one naïve, sad and in pain over the loss of her baby, the other wild — come across a wealthy and self confident young man


Tresor Tower 2-2009/2-2011

Max Steel (action/sci-fi film)
A boy named Max and an extraterrestrial named Steel become unlikely friends when Steel saves Max from the verge of combustion

She’s Funny That Way (comedy film)
A married Broadway director falls for a prostitute-turned-actress and works to help her advance her career, not realizing that she’s being followed by a detective

The Captive (thriller)
Matthew’s daughter, Cass, was abducted eight years ago, and now clues suggest that Cass may still be alive, so he sets out on a mission to find her

The Bag Man (action-thriller film)
A down-on-his-luck man agrees to deliver a mysterious bag without ever opening it

Good People (action-thriller film)
Bad things start to happen after a couple takes 200,000 pounds they discover in the apartment they’d been renting out on their London house


Tresor Tower 2-1514

Deadbeat (comedy series)
A deadbeat goes to the least amount of effort to help New York City’s most frivolous ghosts finish unfinished business

Manhattan (drama series)
It’s a race against time to build the world’s first atomic bomb

Royals (drama series)
A fictional British royal family inhabits a world of opulence and regal tradition that comes at a price

Chasing Life (drama series)
Just as things at work, at home and on the romantic front begin to look up, aspiring journalist April gets devastating news from her estranged uncle

Ascension (limited drama series)
Follows a covert U.S. space mission in the 1960s that sent hundreds of men, women and children on a century-long voyage to populate a new world

Nashville (drama series)
Rayna struggles to hold on to the top of the music charts, while her nemesis Juliette is poised to take her spot

Mad Men (drama series)
A stylized drama that follows the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of Madison Avenue advertising in the 1960s


Stand 212

Fallen Not Forgotten (drama)
During the Battle of the Bulge of World War II, Sgt. Don Smith hopes only to return to his one true love and defend the small town of Nennig

How Sweet It Is (musical comedy)
Jack Cosmo is counting on a strong opening night for his new musical to save himself from the Mob. But the cast is made up of deadbeats and criminals

100 Years of Horror (multi-volume documentary/horror)
Presents the history of horror movies from the silent era through the 1990s, with interviews with leading horror actors and filmmakers

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World (adventure)
A group of adventurers led by Professor Edward set out on an expedition to prove that a lost world exists

The Secret Life of John Paul II (drama)
Explores the bond of friendship that developed between Pope John Paul II and a private ski instructor amid the mountains of northern Italy

Golden Age of Television Series (drama)
Features over 700 hours of series, such as detective series Peter Gunn and The Invisible Man

Factual, History, Biographies, Documentaries Package (factual/history/biographies/documentaries)
Includes more than 3,000 hours of factual, history, music, biographies, documentaries and multiple-episode series


Stand 312

Escape or Die! (documentary series)
Dean Gunnarson, the world’s most daring escape artist, prepares for a new death-defying stunt. But has he gone too far this time?

Colin and Justin’s Cabin Pressure (lifestyle/renovation/design series)
Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan transform a lakeside-fixer-upper into their own personal paradise

Frontier Vets (reality series)
Eight final-year veterinary students run an animal clinic in a remote area surrounded by Kruger National Park

In Space: 50 Years of Space Exploration (documentary)
Chronicles human spaceflight and space exploration over the last 50 years, and features the recent Rosetta Mission as well as the upcoming Mercury and Mars missions

TUT (dramatic miniseries)
Tells of King Tutankhamen’s rise to power and his struggles to lead ancient Egypt as his most-trusted advisors, friends and lovers plot against him

Signed, Sealed, Delivered (scripted series)
Four postal detectives track down the intended recipients of undeliverable mail

Ice Road Racers (reality/sports series)
Everyone from stay-at-home moms to taxi drivers put the pedal to the metal, braving arctic conditions to win a $10,000 grand prize


Tresor Tower 2-1906

Mercenary: Absolution (action/thriller)
An ex-operative is recruited to assassinate a drug lord and begins to suspect a link between the drug smuggling operation, a sex trafficking ring and the U.S. government

Badge of Honor (crime/thriller)
Narcotics detective David Myles risks everything to cover up the murder of an innocent teen, and the investigation threatens to take down the entire department

Shark Killer (action)
Ace is enlisted to track down the great black-finned shark that swallowed a valuable diamond during a gang transaction

The Fixer (crime/thriller)
Investigator Ellie Molaro spearheads an investigation into an oilrig disaster, which may have been rigged to manipulate the stock market

New Worlds (period drama)
Four young men and women in the U.S. and England struggle against tyranny and oppression amidst the backdrop of the turbulent 1680s


Tresor Tower, 2-1812

Obscure Power (Poder Obscuro) (HD series)
Takes place during a tumultuous time when street protests are spreading throughout Brazil and great questions face the country

Victory! (¡Victoria!) (HD soap opera)
After suffering a fall, becoming a paraplegic and, in turn, being rejected by his father, Arthur decides to punish the man, who’s also the owner of a horse ranch

Miracles of Jesus (Milagros de Jesús) (HD series)
Tells the tales of those who faced difficulties before obtaining the blessings of Jesus

Joseph from Egypt (José del Egipto) (HD series)
Tells the story of the son of Rachel and Jacob who gets sold into slavery by his brothers and ends up becoming a trusted advisor for the Pharaoh

King David (Rey David) (HD series)
David, a humble shepherd, goes from a household servant to a king


Sorrento Tower 3-0714

Spotless (drama)
A troubled man’s life is turned upside down when his outlaw brother gets both of them involved in organized crime

The Last Panthers (crime drama/event series)
Delves into the dark heart of Europe where a network of gangsters and jewel thieves rule

Pirate’s Passage (animated family adventure movie)
A mysterious sea captain teaches a little boy about self-reliance and dealing with life’s adversities

Crossing Lines Seasons 1 & 2 (action crime drama)
Focuses on a special crime unit that investigates serialized crimes that cross over European borders

Titanic: Blood & Steel (epic drama)
Tells the story of the men and women who built, ran and owned the Titanic

The Pillars of the Earth (epic thriller)
A sweeping epic of good and evil, treachery and intrigue, violence and beauty

Labyrinth (mystery thriller)
An action adventure set against the epic and historic landscape of Southwest France


Tresor Tower Suite 2-2005

Yes or No (Si o No) (interactive fiction format)
Spectators are challenged to define the course of the story in real time, voting from their tablets or smartphones

Pope Francis, The Story of Jorge Bergoglio (documentary)
Tells the story of the man who used to be an altar boy, then a priest and then the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, whose essence has always remained the same

The Entrepreneur (reality show)
Fifty contestants compete to become El Emprendedor del Millón and are evaluated by a panel of experts who judge them and their ideas

Love Road (Camino Al Amor) (telenovela)
Follows the love stories of four siblings, the children of Armando Colucci, owner of a moving company

The Legacy of Rock and Roll (Viudas e Hijos del Rock & Roll) (romantic comedy)
Music is the bond between Miranda and Diego, a couple who fall in love one summer and wind up on separate paths

Dear Daddies (Sres. Papis) (dramatic comedy)
Four modern and attractive fathers become friends chatting at the door of their kids’ kindergarten every day

We Are Family (Somos Familia) (family comedy)
A bachelor becomes the legal guardian of four orphans, and a journalist who was separated from her baby daughter when she was born will pretend to be a maid in his house


Tresor Tower, 2-3401, 2-3403

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death (drama feature)
A group of children are evacuated with their teachers during Blitz-era London. The group awakens Eel Marsh House’s darkest inhabitant

The Imitation Game (drama feature)
Tells the story of Alan Turing, a British mathematician and code breaker who helped the allies win victory over Nazi Germany

Paddington (family comedy feature)
The stuffed bear leaves the Peruvian jungle for London, where he meets the kindly Brown family

Still Alice (drama feature)
Alice, a renowned linguistics professor, starts to forget words and receives a devastating diagnosis

Black or White (drama feature)
A grandfather gets involved in a custody battle while he tries to save his deceased wife’s granddaughter from being adopted by her drug addict father


Tresor Tower 2-1703

Land of Honor (Tierra de Reyes) (telenovela)
Three brothers who’ve lost everything are the victims of a horrible crime and meet three land-owning sisters

Masters of Paradise (Dueños del Paraiso) (HD series)
A betrayed woman becomes the ruthless queen of Miami, a.k.a. Magic City, the country’s drug capital

Love Without Reservation (Amor Sin Reserva) (telenovela)
La Casa Colorada deals a cruel fate to those who dare to love within its walls

Les Miserables (Los Miserables) (telenovela)
Follows a woman who’s accused of a crime. Her love for her adopted daughter drives her

Acero, Woman of Steel (Senora Acero) (HD series)
After the father of her child is killed at their wedding, Sara Aguilar Bermudez flees to Guadalajara and builds a money laundering empire for drug traffickers

I Am The Artist (Yo Soy El Artista) (format)
A talent competition to find and develop the next multi-talented performer

Don’t Be Late (Vuelva Temprano) (telenovela)
Clara, a successful TV journalist, devotes her life to finding her son’s murderer. But secrets come to light that spin the case —and their family — off track.


Splash Meeting Rooms 1-8

Shadows of the Past (La Sombra del Pasado) (telenovela)
The traumatic childhoods of two young people are intertwined, but a pure and honest love grows between them

Italian Bride (Muchacha Italiana viene a Casarse) (comedy)
Fiorella is a romantic young woman who is driven by necessity to marry a much older man, and move to Mexico. But she discovers her true love while there

I Don’t Trust Men Anymore (Yo no creo en los hombres) (telenovela)
Maria Dolores is a humble young girl who gets framed by her boyfriend, Daniel, and ends up in prison. She must fight for freedom and love

Los González (comedy)
A family that’s not actually real pretends they are when they go out and perform hidden camera pranks on real victims

Stand Up For Your Country (talent show)
Parent-child teams can evolve from Internet stars to TV stars

Little Giants (Pequeños Gigantes) (talent show)
Children between the ages of four and 11 are paired up with celebrities with whom they sing, dance, act and show off their talents

Dolphins with the Stars (format/reality show)
Ten celebrities live alongside dolphin partners for one month and perform with them for a jury


Tresor Tower, 2-2209

Raw (sports/entertainment series)
A live-event-based show with in-ring competition, a rock-concert ambiance and drama

SmackDown (sports/entertainment series)
A live event series that brings high-flying action, pyrotechnics and unpredictable drama from packed venues around the globe

WWE Main Event (sports/entertainment series)
Fits seamlessly in storylines from Raw and SmackDown. It offers a big arena experience each week

Superstars (sports/entertainment series)
Divas and Superstars converge, and you can catch the entire WWE roster in one place

NXT (sports/entertainment series)
Take a peek behind the scenes to see WWE’s on-air personalities, Superstars and staff being groomed for the future