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The Animation Band

Animation BandThe Animation Band’s Blanche (pictured) tells the tale of a sheep of remarkable character and tenacity. Blanche leads her animal friends through adventure after adventure, where they learn about diversity, tolerance and understanding.

In LMN’S, a scientific experiment goes awry, leaving a little boy named Chip miniaturized in a microworld of atoms and elements. Will Chip be able to unlock the mysteries of physics and chemistry and find his way home?

In I Cosi, the microscopic residents of colorful Cosakistan must interact with the larger, human world.

Grazia Nidasio’s famous comic strip comes to life in Stefi’s World, as the precocious eight-year-old attempts to turn the adult world inside out.

Orphaned Loulou de Montmartre longs to become a dancer, but evil Madame Trochu makes every effort to prevent this from becoming a reality. Will Loulou escape the confines of the orphanage and achieve her dream?

Lupo Alberto, Mose and Marta return in Lupo Alberto Christmas Holidays. This time the mysterious package received by Enrico la Talpa threatens to upset the peaceful lives of the residents of the McKenzie Farm.

Set in Italy in the 60’s, Stellina follows the story of an 11-year-old orphan born and bred in the circus. When Stellina is discovered by authorities, she must choose between a normal family and her dreams of being an acrobat.


From Colombia’s Caracol TV comes telenovela New Rich, New Poor (Nuevo Rico, Nuevo Pobre), the story of Brayan and Andres, two grown men who have never been able to count their blessings. Brayan finds success easily but does not appreciate the value of hard work, while Andres is intelligent but thoughtless. Will they ever swallow their pride and learn to work together?

In Nobody is Eternal in the World (Nadie es Eterno en el Mundo), Wendy flees her humble orgins to become a singer. But when she finds herself pregnant and abandoned, Wendy must fight to prove that talent can triumph over hardship.

Telenovela Pocholo is the story of a man who has been rejected and denied education his entire life. When Pocholo decides to go back to school, he discovers a dark world of abuse and psychological torture at the local high school.

Corruption, politics and drug trafficking govern The Spill (El Ventilador). When Julian and Eliana investigate a sinister organization, their findings hit closer to home than they expected.

The women of Without Breasts There Is No Paradise (Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso) use their bodies to move up in the world. Catalina, obsessed with enlarging her breasts, is driven to a dangerous life of prostitution. But when her surgery goes awry, her health and future are put at risk.

The listeners are the protagonists on radio talk show Who Listens To You (Tu Voz Stereo). The host takes calls addressing abortion, suicide, bulimia, addiction and love, with an emphasis on solidarity and shared experience.

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Cartoon OneCartoon One presents School for Vampires, the story of Oskar, a clever young vampire with an incurable blood phobia. Thrown into vampire school with a peculiar gang of classmates, Oskar discovers that one isn’t born a vampire, one must learn how to become one (pictured).

An updated version of Felix the Cat takes place in the futuristic world of Otherland, where Felix and his band of friends use their special powers to defeat the villainous Spirol.

In Red Caps, Santa’s helpers travel around the world helping children resolve their problems. When the 26 fragments of Santa’s magic crystal go missing, the Red Caps must race against time and defeat Santa’s nemesis to retrieve them.

The high school kids in animated comedy Teen Days form a band to participate in an international competition. But before they can get to the finals, they have a lot to learn about teamwork.

Galactik Kid, a hapless 13-year old, is the universe’s only hope against an evil emperor. However, his powers only last five minutes at a time and he has a habit of turning into chocolate pudding. Will Galactik Kid be able to stay solid long enough to save the world?

In Lampaclima, a wicked magician rules a remote island with a strange climate. Explorer Granny Bine arrives with her two grandchildren to hunt for an ancient medallion and unlock the secrets of the island.

Three talented kids make up Skatenini, a team of magical skaters and surfers who are determined to save the environment. Together they fight Aureus, an evil sorcerer who wants to cover the earth with desert.

RTSI (Swiss Italian Television)

Hot air balloon on buildingRTSI TV movie Gotcha (pictured) is a family comedy that follows a father in the throes of a midlife crisis. Made uneasy by his daughter’s sudden streak of independence, Ottavio regresses to his youth and decides to make one of his childhood dreams come true.

French violinist Renaud Capucon plays the classical pieces that made him fall in love with music. From Dvorak to Debussy to Schubert, Capucon pays homage to some of music’s greatest composers.

In Peo Gallery, famous paintings come to life through animation by Japanese artist Fusako Yusaki. Works by Van Gogh, Magritte, Lichtenstein and others are reimagined in a journey through 20th Century art.

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Telefe InternationalPassion and danger govern Watch Over Me (pictured), the Telefe adaptation of Fox USA’s Forever Julia. Centering on a love triangle between a bodyguard and the woman he protects, the show explores the depths of desire, betrayal and revenge.

Each episode of Countdown is a high-voltage tale of drama and suspense. Taking place in real time, the show features characters at crucial turning points in their lives. Once the 60 minutes are up, nothing will be as it once was.

Teenangels are a band of orphans and misfits who are exploited and forced into a life of crime. But when they meet Cielo and Nicolas they are given a second chance at life.

Super Dad is a comedy in which a widower endures the trials and tribulations of being a single father to three daughters.

Jails delves into the personal lives of inmates. By examining their fears, regrets and relationships with their families, the documentary humanizes prisoners and makes their plights relatable.

Renata Guerrico, the heroine of telenovela Breaking Rules, is a prestigious judge who is famous for her strict application of the law. However, Renata hides a dark past that eventually comes to light in a whirlwind of star-crossed love and forbidden desire.

In Romeo and Julieta, an updated version of the Shakespeare classic, Caporales and Monteros battle it out on the modern streets of Verona and Madrid.

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PassionIn Storm Over Paradise (Tormenta en el Paraiso), Aymar tries to win back Nicolas’s heart and save his family from the cursed Mayan Black Pearl.

Telenovela A Woman’s Word (Palabra de Mujer) is the story of four women embarking on a quest for fulfillment. Against all odds, they triumph over adversity and discover the value of womanhood.

Set in romantic Colonial Mexico, Passion (Pasión) follows Camila, who is spirited away from her fiancé by pirates. Years later, she must choose whether to return to small town life or resume her life of adventure on the high seas.

Love Without Makeup (Amor sin Maquillaje) goes behind the scenes, capturing women who work as makeup artists to Televisa actors and actresses.

Milagros of Down with the Beautiful  (Al Diablo con los Guapos) is a tomboy who is crazy about soccer. But when she moves to the Belmonte Mansion, her life is forever changed by romance and intrigue.

In The Magnificent Five (Los Cinco Magnificos), seven teams, which are headed by celebrities, compete in heart-stopping challenges.

Action-adventure series The Panther (El Pantera) follows reformed ex-convict Gervasio Robles. As he fights crime, corruption and injustice, Gervasio will learn that his life is influenced by an ancient Mayan prophecy.

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