DISCOP 2009 Product Preview

DISCOP Suite #326


Lilli and the Girls
Lilli, Barbel, Yvonne and Melanie are colleagues at Wetzmann Works, a company that is skidding into insolvency. When vultures appear at the gates in the form of a trio of profit-hungry investors, Lilli decides to take action.

Second Chance (pictured)
Abandoned by her husband after 18 years of marriage, Alice has to fend for herself and her two adolescent children for the first time in her life.

Sweet Summer
In this TV movie, after unexpectedly learning her father’s true identity, Anna tracks down the man — a well-known baker and confectioner. Discouraged by his cranky manner, she is afraid to tell him who she is, a situation further complicated when she falls in love with his young chocolatier.

A gripping cinematic adaptation of Thomas Mann’s Nobel Prize-winning novel from 1900. Touching on the fate of three generations, the miniseries traces the rise and fall of a merchant family in northern Germany.

The Author of Himself
TV movie chronicles the early years of the most influential and controversial critic of German literature today, Marcel Reich-Ranicki.

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Into the Wild
Join world-famous wildlife expert and TV personality Jack Hanna as he gets up close with Sumatran tigers in Australia, wombats in Tasmania, white rhinos in Kenya and much more.

Women Behind Bars
This series explores the wide range of motivations that compel females to commit murder. Meet their families and friends to see how everyone’s lives have been transformed.

Let’s Shop
A whirlwind tour of the most exclusive, exciting and famous shopping destinations the world has to offer. From sourcing the latest electronics in Tokyo to haggling in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, travel the globe on a thoughtful and educational mission to acquire the finer things in life.

Forensic Files/Medical Detectives (pictured)
Follow coroners, medical examiners, physicians and law enforcement officials as they use science to catch criminals in this real life inspiration for the dramatic series CSI.

Inside the Actors Studio
Hosted by James Lipton and featuring illustrious guests like Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon and Kate Winslet, this is an interview series in a class all its own. Lipton’s studious research and enlightened curiosity has inspired guests to open up and reveal their deepest thoughts about their craft.

DISCOP Suite #132


Munoz Vale x 2, Roman x 2
In this series, Roman must lie to keep separate worlds in harmony, while leading a double life with two different families and a job as a bodyguard.

An extroverted cab driver wins the lottery and moves into the same posh building as his platonic love. Problems arise on account of his behavior in the new neighborhood and the vast differences in social castes.

La Quiero A Morir
After 20 years of marriage, Manuela’s husband leaves her for her closest friend. Broke, alone and with two daughters to support, she must restructure her life in new humble surroundings.

Todas Odian A Bermeudez
The story of Bermudez — an arrogant and chauvinistic journalist who must face the woman he tormented in college when she unexpectedly becomes his boss.

Oye Bonita (pictured)
Monchi dreams of being a successful singer, and must pursue that while simultaneously trying to win the heart of beautiful Diana.

A star athlete’s dreams are derailed by a car accident, and she suddenly finds herself on a road to recovery that includes falling in love with a man who, unbeknownst to her, is responsible for her injuries.

ICE (umbrella)


DISCOP Suite #324


The Tunnel to Freedom
Dramatic miniseries depicting the true story of two youngsters who, armed with nothing but courage and imagination, began digging a tunnel under the Berlin Wall in 1961.

Join the Family
Worlds collide when Giulio and Lucia find themselves in love again after 20 years apart.

RIS Paris
Series based in Paris that explores the painstaking work of crime scene specialists who make each drop of blood speak volumes.

TV movie about a big society event in Rome attended by more than the intended international celebrities when a few uninvited guests turn up to do whatever it takes to enter the world of gilded VIPs.

55 Days to Death
Biographical miniseries recounting the true story of the famous Italian statesman, Aldo Moro and his assassination.

The Courage of a Princess (pictured)
The inspiring true story of Princess Mafalda Savoy, who was injured in an Allied air raid on the Buchenwald concentration camp and forced to recover in the camp brothel.

DISCOP Suite #112


Monsters & Pirates
Animated series charting adventure on the seas of fantasy, as characters search for the legendary treasure of Captain Barracuda and learn lessons about friendship and courage.

Emperor Hadrian is old and ill and 10 ambitious men anxiously await his death in hopes of taking over his power. The empire’s only hope is Marcus, Hadrian’s grandson, whose battles are chronicled in this animated series.

Sandokan, The Two Tigers
Third season of animated series that tells the tale of a stolen ruby. When the gem is removed from a mosaic tiger by a band of thieves, the heist reawakens the powers of the wicked priest of the goddess Kali.

Angel’s Friends — The Secret World Around You (pictured)
Five young angels are dispatched to Earth to earn their final marks as true guardian angels. This animated series follows their journey as they embark on their mission to watch over young Earthlings threatened by devils and other obstacles.

In this colorful animated series, Kim searches for his own origin against the backdrop of India, a country rich in contrasts, religions and costumes. Based on a novel by Rudyard Kipling.

DISCOP Suite #124


A wealthy girl is kidnapped as a child and raised by a very poor family. When her real family finds her selling shrimp on the beach in Saquarema, she finds herself torn between the life she has known and the promise of a different future.

Love and Conspiracy
After a young woman kills her mother, she runs away to Rio de Janeiro, while her sister is left to seek justice in this telenovela about luxury, sin, pardon and love.

Way of the Heart
In vitro experimentation results in children growing up with special powers, such as supersight, invisibility, and the ability to read thoughts.

Flames of Life (pictured)
After his father is tragically killed in a fire, Pedro must take over responsibilities at home and raise his brothers. This telenovela mixes tragedy with love and action, touching on important social themes like pedophilia and abuse.

The Mutants
A continuation of the Way of the Heart series, this time the mutations reaching new intensity as people begin turning into vampires and other sorts of monsters.

The Law and the Crime
Nando loses his job after getting in a fight and is forced to move with his wife and daughter into his father-in-law’s home. Tension leads to murder, which in turn leads to a lawless pursuit of justice.

Another Power
The story of Tony, a Brazilian with Italian roots and suspected links to the mob, and Teo, the Brazilian federal police officer who is dispatched to both protect and take him down.

DISCOP Suite #217


Legacy of Passion
The fight for power and desire will cross the fates of Pedro Sosa, a young farmhand, Lautaro Ledesma, the rancher’s son, his fiancée, Veronica Cabanas and Morena Alonso, Ledesma’s current wife.

The Successful Mr. and Mrs. Pells (pictured)
The story of a failed actor who is secretly hired to live the life of the most famous and influential host in the country. A farce where people are not what they seem to be, and where appearances are deceiving.

Teenangels (Season 3)
Teen telenovela following the adventures of TeenAngels, a band with four hit albums under their belt. The show’s success reaches beyond the screen, with CDs, magazines, and merchandise adding to the appeal.

Somebody to Love
Unique dating show with an interactive website that allows viewers to contact the singles who appear on TV.

Just In Time
Participants test their skills in a series of original games, with a variety of impressive prizes to be won.

Countdown (Season 3)
This suspense series, shot in HD, tells the stories of normal people who are exposed to extraordinary situations. Each episode starts, progresses, and ends over the course of one hour — with all the drama taking place in real time.

Trick or Treat with the Magic Hands
The most famous magic show in Argentina’s history, each mini-episode teaches viewers the secrets behind today’s popular tricks.

DISCOP Suite #319


Love Spell (pictured)
A story of deceit and betrayal where the hatred Bruno feels towards his stepbrother Alejandro leads him to plan his murder.

Dare to Dream
Destiny reunites both Patito and her mother, Ana, with the men who they considered to be their impossible loves — Ana with Rodrigo, Patito’s father; and Patito with Mateo, her very first love.

Summer of Love
A group of teenagers are exposed to love, rejection and responsibility over the course of one magical summer.

Hazme Reir
The best comedians in Mexico compete against one another. Nine teams, each made up of three contenders — a famous comedian, a high-profile celebrity and a newcomer — will face a number of challenges and improvise on the spot.

The Show of Dreams
Eight contestants dream of stardom in the world of singing and dancing, and eight celebrities are willing to give their all to make their dreams come true.

Hit the Bottom
Five contestants answer video-based questions in order to accumulate money and win this game show.

Amateur videographers produce clips to compete with the work of five professional producers.

DISCOP Suite #118


Run or Die: The Fernando Araujo Story (pictured)
Docudrama feature shot on location in Colombia centers on the kidnapping of Fernando Araujo and his amazing escape from FARC guerillas after nearly six years of captivity.

Planet Terra
Amazing images in a five-minute format feature some of the world’s most spectacular places.

These Amazing People
A journey around the world to experience the outrageous, dangerous, inspirational or downright insane things people do.

Twist of Faith
An ambitious global journey explores how religion affects our lives in diverse ways.

Long Road to Heaven
Feature film about the tragic terrorist attacks on nightclubs in Bali which killed over 200 people.

Nature Parks
From South Africa’s Kruger National Park to the U.S.A.’s Grand Canyon, a look at the best nature has to offer around the world.