MIP-TV Product Preview

Stand G3.18

America: The Story Of the U.S. (documentary series)
The extraordinary story of how America was created.
Pawn Stars (real life series)
The world of the pawning biz, a leading form of consumer credit in the U.S. until the 1950s.
Fugitive Chronicles (crime series)
The stories of men and women who risk their lives to bring dangerous U.S. fugitives to justice.
Celebrity Ghost Stories (paranormal series)
First-person celeb narratives about paranormal experiences.
Paranormal Cops (paranormal series)
Chicago cops apply their forensic and investigative expertise to paranormal casework.

Stand 22.02

Ghost Hunters (reality series)
Two paranormal specialists investigate houses that have been reported as haunted.
2011 53rd Annual Grammy Awards (special)
Television’s most prestigious annual music event.
Most Shocking (reality series)
Clips reveal heart-pounding caught-on-tape moments.
2011 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards (special)
Top stars from the most important movies and TV programs of the year get awards.
Most Daring (reality series)
True stories of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

Stand R36.17

Blanche (animated children’s series)
Diversity, tolerance and respect reign, as Blanche the sheep leads her furry pals on playful adventures.
Lupo Alberto — Christmas Holidays (animated holiday special)
Lupo, Mosé, Marta and Enrico are in for a surprise when a mysterious package arrives in the barnyard.
I Cosi (animated children’s series)
Through their interactions with the human world, the Cosi learn lessons about feeling, mistakes and friendship.
Stefi’s World (animated children’s series)
Toon based on a 20-year-old comic strip.
Loulou De Montmartre (animated children’s series)
Loulou dreams of becoming a dancer, but the cruel principal of her orphanage will do anything it takes to stand in her way.

Stand 20.01

BlogHouse (series)
Real-life and online adventures of a group of friends who run a successful blog.
Glamour & Greed (miniseries)
An investment guru wheedles big money out of a young naïve realtor.
13 Hours (series)
Only 13 hours to save the world and foil an evil plot for world domination.
Voices of the Pamano River (miniseries)
A deadly game of double cross in 1943 Catalonia during Franco’s regime.
Ojo por Ojo (miniseries)
A love story set in 1919 Barcelona, amidst the anarchists’ fight for justice and the authorities’ repression.

Stand 00.01

Fishtronaut (animated children’s series)
A secret agent and his pals explore the world’s many mysteries above and below water.
Producing Parker (animated adult series)
The adventures of an overworked and underpaid television producer.
The Re-Inventors (factual series)
Original patent designs from history’s lost inventions are dig up and built.
Stay Tooned (live-action factual series)
About the world of TV animation and the golden era of Saturday morning cartoons.
Greatest Tank Battles (documentary series)
The greatest armored battles in history as seen through the eyes of the soldiers who manned the guns.

Stand R31.17

Secret’s Out (entertainment series)
Movie critic Leonard Maltin uncovers the hidden gems that were outshined by the latest blockbusters.
Movies & Music (entertainment series)
A celebration of movie music, from dance movies to musicals.
What I Learned From the Movies (entertainment series)
A hilarious take on the cultural wisdom that movies impart.
Hollywood Dailies (entertainment series)
A look at Hollywood’s newest movie trailers.

Stand 09.24

All I Need Is Love (Yo no te pido la luna) (telenovela)
Wealthy Alejandro is determined to make Juanita become a great singer. In the process they fall in love.
Mariana & Scarlett (telenovela)
Two sisters find success in the fashion world and fall in love with the same man.
 Pretty Ceci and Mr. Indiscreet (La bella Ceci y el Imprudente) (telenovela)
When Primo Gonzalez arrives at a hotel, he is mistaken for wealthy Eduardo Sanchez. Things start to get interesting when both men decide to keep up the ruse.
The Mafia Dolls (Las muñecas de la Mafia) (telenovela)
Mob honcho Braulio Bermudez leaves his wife and quickly becomes involved with a group of ingénues.
The Swindler (El Encantador) (telenovela)
Using his uncanny talent for scamming, Rolando infiltrates the highest social circles.

Stand 02.06

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (Los Caballeros del Zodiaco, El Lienzo Perdido) (animated feature)
Three lonely children get involved in a mythical battle.
Wild Soccer Bunch (feature film)
A crew of kids loves nothing more than to get together and play soccer.
Zorro, Generation Z (animated series, film)
A modern twist on Diego de la Vega classic adventures.
Detective Conan (animated film)
A 17-year-old genius detective teams up with his childhood friends to fight crime.
Ice Twisters (sci-fi film)
Scientists invent a system to induce rain but the result is a tornado that shoots sharp shards of ice.

Stand G3.14

Pretty Wild (unscripted series, E!)
Three teenage sisters and their unconventional Hollywood family.
Holly’s World (docusoap, E!)
Holly Madison and her friends take on the Vegas strip by night and Vegas politics by day.
Jerseylicious (reality series, The Style Network)
An outrageous look at big hair, fake nails, spray tans and drama.
Tacky House (reality series, The Style Network)
Tasteless rooms across the country are redecorated with the help of design guru Thom Filicia.
What I Hate About Me (reality series, The Style Network)
Experts share practical tips for fixing every foible.

Stand 19.14

How Nature Heals (documentary series)
Traditional forms of natural medicine from four continents.
Know It! (documentary series)
Reports on science, technology and everyday phenomena.
Science on the Seven Seas (documentary series)
Research projects into the mysteries of the deep.
Guardians of Nature (documentary series)
People involved in nature conservation projects and biodiversity ventures.
From Tierra del Fuego to Tijuana (documentary series)
A journey from the southern tip of South America to the US-Mexican border.

Stand 12.02

Ladronas (action series)
The wife of a prominent deceased judge embarks on risky yet comical tasks to get justice done.
Ciegas a Citas (Blind Date) (telenovela)
Lucia has 258 days to find a genuine loving boyfriend.
Mia: Mi Amiga Invisible (Mia: My Invisible Friend) (telenovela)
Mia magically transforms into a teenager to save a little girl from losing all hope.
Split (series)
A teenager is drawn into the old conflict between vampires and humans.
Money Time (series)
Two successful football players join forces to form a football team but they soon become enemies.

Stand RB.43

Rookie Blue (police drama series)
Five young rookie cops just out of police academy.
The Bridge (police drama series)
The struggle of street cops who must not only battle crime but also sometimes their own bosses.
Haven (supernatural crime series)
A small town in Maine turns out to be a refuge for people with a range of supernatural afflictions.
When Love Is Not Enough (TV movie)
Based on the true story of the enduring love between Lois Wilson and her alcoholic husband Bill, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Call Me Fitz (dark comedy series)
A morally bankrupt used car dealer regularly pushes the boundaries of acceptable behavior.

Stand R31.03

Saddle Club (children’s series)
Three young girls are best friends at Pine Hollow riding stables.
Alive and Cooking (cooking series)
Australian ongoing cooking series hosted by celeb chef James Reeson.
Postcards Australia (travel series)
Beautiful destinations around Australia, from the coast to the cities and outback.
Fishing Australia (series)
Fishing program shot in HD in and around Australia.
The Travel Guy (travel series)
Explores the history, people, culture and local cuisine of a variety of world destinations.

Stand R35.14

Hot Import Nights (lifestyle show)
Men’s lifestyle show featuring the flashiest cars around and popular musicians performing their hits.
All My Children (soap opera)
Intrigue abounds in the life of one large, dramatic family in the town of Pine Valley.
Snapped (crime series)
A glimpse into the lives of female murderers.
Healthy Gourmet (cooking show)
Nutritionist Julie Daniluk and chef Ezra Title teach how to cook to unique groups of ladies.
Doc West (feature film, 2-part special)
True legend of the American West, Terence Hill, is back as Doc West.

Stand RB1

Kell on Earth (reality series)
PR guru Kelly Cutrone explains the high-powered and fast-paced world of fashion PR.
Panda Adventure with Nigel Marven (nature series)
Marven travels to China to learn about giant pandas.
Jamie’s Food Escapes (cooking series)
New food series hosted by celeb chef Jamie Oliver travels to six countries in Europe and the Mediterranean.
Annabel Langbein: The Free Range Cook (cooking series)
Shot in breathtaking New Zealand, Langbein reveals the pleasures of free range cooking style.
Secret Girlfriend (comedy series)
The irreverent life of a single guy, his friends and his multiple girlfriends.

Stand 05.19

Bola Cinta (Football Love) (soap opera)
Football love story.
Personal Kasit (Temptation of Love) (telenovela)
Feroz (telenovela)

Stand RB.40

The Ricky Gervais Show (animated comedy series)
Free form comedic conversations between Ricky Gervais, Steve Merchant and Karl Pilkington.
Man Men (drama series)
The lives of competitive men and women in the Madison Avenue advertising world.
Weeds (dramedy series)
Biz is booming for smoking hot pot dealer Nancy Botwin.
Blue Mountain State (comedy series)
The highs and pitfalls of a group of successful college football players.
Shaq Vs. (reality series)
NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal competes against other athletes in their own sports.

Stand 24.01

Discover Science (children’s series)
Educational series about the theories of science and rules of nature.
Nan & Lili (animated children’s series)
2D-3D animation introduces a new educational topic a day.
Saladin (animated children’s series)
The adventures of 12th century statesman and warrior Saladin as a young man.

Stand 05.20

Culinary Asia (series)
A glimpse into the history and reinvention of food in Taiwan, Korea and Japan.
Designed By Love (documentary)
The love stories that inspired some of Asia’s most prominent monuments.
Diminishing Horizons (travel series)
Travel log that explores remote corners of the Earth that are disappearing due to cultural or environmental changes.
Dinosaur Train (children’s series)
This series teaches kids about science and the prehistoric world.
Lonely Planet — Roads Less Traveled (travel series)
Lonely Planet writers try out exciting activities and destinations.

Stand R32.07

Intelligence (action miniseries, series)
Series dedicated to espionage and secret services.
Crime Squad (police drama series)
Investigations and personal stories of officers at a new police station in the center of Naples, Italy.
About My Brother (scripted format, crime series)
After the death of their mother, a lawyer and his autistic brother are forced to live together.
Family Storm (scripted format, comedy)
Rival cities and clashing mentalities in different countries.
Young Enough (scripted format, sitcom)
The exhilarating ups and downs of Italian showbiz personalities, Sandra and Raimondo Vianello.

Stand 23.02

Puppy in My Pocket (animated children’s series)
Adventures in the Fantastic world of Pocketville, where the pets live before they are assigned a child in need of a friend.
Angel’s Friends (animated children’s series)
Five young angels are sent to Earth to help five earthlings in their everyday adventures.
Virus Attack (animated children’s series)
It’s up to one scientist to find a cure for a deadly virus and find five brave souls willing to become human antidotes.
Kim (animated children’s series)
A young boy sets out on a quest for the key to his past in India.
Jurassic Cubs (animated children’s series)
The adventures of five young dinosaurs in search of their parents.

Stand 09.15

Next Stop Murder (TV movie)
A variation on Hitchcock’s classic Strangers on a Train, except on a commuter bus.
My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend (TV movie)
Jesse (Alyssa Milano) must choose between two Mr. Rights.
Locked Away (TV movie)
A social worker kidnaps a pregnant girl in hopes of stealing her baby.
Rock Slyde (TV movie)
A whacky physical comedy in a Phillip Marlowe tradition.
The Objective (TV movie)
The story of military personnel and a CIA operative hunting an elusive sheik in Afghanistan.

Stand 05.02

The Law and the Crime (La ley y el crimen) (crime series)
When Catarina’s father is murdered in a robbery, she decides to avenge his death by becoming a police officer.
Ugly, Bela (Bela, la fea) (telenovela)
Despite her sloppy looks, Anabela is a dedicated worker. When she is passed over for a job because of her appearance, it makes her more determined to succeed.
Esther, The Queen (La saga de la reina Esther) (series)
The adventure of Esther, a Jewish slave that was married to Persian King Asuero in 479 AD.
The Mutants — Simply Love (Los mutantes — Simplemente Amor) (telenovela)
The third and last season of the series about humans with special powers and parallel romances.

Stand 12.29

Maestro Martino — Outstanding Cook of the Renaissance (documentary)
The story of one of the outstanding cooks of the Renaissance period, courted even by Popes.
Migrantes — The Journey of Hope (documentary)
The harrowing voyage of Guatemalan emigrants escaping to the U.S. by way of Mexico.
Between Purim and Passover: Italian-Jewish Music in the Renaissance (documentary)
An exploration of the musical history of Italy’s Jewish community.
Gone With The Wind (documentary)
An investigation of the current battle between supporters of wind energy development and the defenders of the landscape.
World’s Most Famous Paintings in Claymation by Fusako Yusaki. Peo Gallery (children’s series)
Japanese artist Yusaki animates famous paintings in plasticine.

Stand 00.01

Pure Pwnage (comedy series)
Based on the successful web series of the same name, it follows the story of a 20-something slacker who is better at videogames that he is at real life.

Stand Riviera Seaview 25

Spartacus: Blood and Sand (drama series)
The classic tale of the most infamous rebel of the Roman Republic. Edited for graphic elements.
Turn the Beat Around (musical feature)
An ambitious dancer convinces a wealthy financier to open a disco-themed nightclub in Los Angeles.
Gravity (dramedy series)
Offbeat series about a support group for people who have attempted suicide.
Party Down (sitcom)
Megan Mullally co-stars in a team of cater-waiters working for tips in Los Angeles while hoping for their big breaks.
Turbulent Skies (feature film)
Disaster movie about a transcontinental plane that ends up in a storm.

Studio 100 Media
Stand R29.01

Enyo (animated children’s series)
A fun and adventurous journey into the world of prehistoric beasts and shamanism.
Florrie’s Dragons (animated children’s series)
A little princess explores the world with the help of her best friends, special dragons.
Kerwhizz (quiz show)
Three teams must build the fastest racing machines ever.
Zeke’s Pad (animated children’s series)
Zeke’s drawings come to life thanks to a mysterious little electronic pad.
Titipangpangrescue (action comedy)
The adventures of the residents of Hurly Burly Town, living inside a magic pop-up book.

Stand 20.01

Antje’s Codhead Tales (animated children’s series)
The adventures of Antje and her pals, who live on a small North German peninsula.
The Greatest Migration in the World (documentary)
A breathtaking look at the yearly African migration of millions of gnus.
Bikini: Restricted Paradise (documentary)
The Bikini atoll holds the scars of a nuclear past: the site of the first post-Hiroshima atomic bomb explosion.
The Blue Wonder: The Island World of Raja Ampat (documentary)
A mysterious archipelago off the coast of Papua New Guinea houses fish not found anywhere else in the world.
A Quest For Survival: Rare Animals of Northern Germany (documentary)
Ospreys, minks, beavers, lynxes have returned to Northern Germany, after being close to extinction.

Stand 13.16

From Paris With Love (feature film)
An American spy and a young government employee join forces to thwart a terrorist attack in the City of Light.
A Single Man (feature film)
Set in Los Angeles in the 1960s, the film takes place over the course of one day as a man mourns the loss of his longtime partner.
Red Dawn (feature film)
The U.S. is invaded without warnings and a group of patriots decide to band together to liberate their town.
A Hungry Rabbit Jumps (feature film)
A man becomes involved in an underground vigilante organization after his wife is the victim of a brutal crime.
Source Code (feature film)
Sci-fi movie about a soldier who rakes up in the body of a commuter who has witnessed a train explosion.

Stand RSV.02

A Woman of Steel (telenovela)
Valentina becomes a cold, intolerant and authoritarian woman after she finds out that the man she loves is after her money.
A Double Identity (telenovela)
Andrea must care for her brothers and family after their father is paralyzed in an accident.
A New Beginning (telenovela)
The story of a famous actress and singer who wants a change in her life.
Curse by the Sea (telenovela)
A rebellious local girl falls in love with a rich businessman, who happens to be the owner of the town she grew up in.
Wild Heart (telenovela)
Maria del Rosario and Juan de Dios are from different social classes, but marry in spite of their families’ wishes.

Stand 14.02

Sacrificio de mujer (A Woman’s Sacrifice) (telenovela)
A bitter businesswoman is confronted by her past when she finds out her rival is her long-lost daughter.
Salvador de mujeres (Salvador: A Knockout Lover) (telenovela)
In order to make ends meet, Salvador takes a job as an escort, becoming a lover and companion for lonely women.
Los misterios del amor (The Mysteries of Love) (telenovela)
A medical drama that finds love blooming in a metropolitan hospital.
Corazones Extremos (Extreme Hearts) (telenovela)
A contemporary Romeo and Juliet story of two feuding families whose children fall in love.
Que Clase de Amor! (The High School Nerd) (telenovela)
The most popular student in school is interested in Alejandra, the school nerd.

Stand R31.37

Raw (sports series)
Live wrestling event.
SmackDown (sports series)
Live wrestling event.
WWE Superstars (sports series)
Live event featuring the superstars and divas of the wrestling world.
WWE NXT (sports series)
Hybrid live event/reality show featuring eight WWE superstars mentoring eight rookies.
The WWE Experience (sports series)
Highlights from Raw, SmackDown and ECW and exclusive features on WWE superstars outside the ring.