June/July 2015

June July 2015
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LA Screenings

Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 1712

  • Pawn Stars (reality series) (pictured)
    Also available as a format, this series takes viewers inside a family-run pawnshop in Vegaspawn stars
  • IRT Deadliest Roads (reality series)
    Drivers race to deliver large hauls across some of the world’s highest mountain ranges
  • El Luchador (reality series)
    Four professional wrestlers try to put aside their rivalries to bring back Mexican freestyle wrestling (Language: Spanish)
  • Latinoamerica sin humanos (Life After People – Latin America) (history special)
    Answers questions such as: How will Latin America look with no people? What traces of civilization will survive, and for how long? (Language: Spanish)
  • Dance Moms (entertainment format)
    Young girls (and their highly competitive mothers) embark on a quest for dance stardom
  • Monster-In-Laws (reality format)
    Relationship experts use unconventional tactics to resolve in-law issues
  • 7 Days of Sex (reality format)
    Married couples at their breaking point are challenged to spend seven days in bed together


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 1707

  • Born To Race 2 (film)
    In a sequel to Born to Race, Danny Krueger goes to racing school, and dreams of finishing at the top of his class and winning a spot on a professional racing team, but he’s out of his league (from ACI)
  • We the Party (film)redemption
    Five friends at a diverse L.A. high school learn to handle the trials teens face (from ACI)
  • The Mark (film)
    A new, secret technology is going to be announced at the G20 Summit in Berlin to save the international economy from collapse — but everything goes terribly wrong (from MPI)
  • The Mark: Redemption (film) (pictured)
    The Tribulation has begun, and former Marine Chad Turner and flight attendant Dao encounter a chaotic world (from MPI)
  • Escape (film)
    After Drs. Paul and Kim Jordan’s baby dies, they escape to Southeast Asia to get their minds off the sadness, but Paul is kidnapped by human traffickers in need of a skilled doctor (from MPI)
  • Encounter…Paradise Lost (film)
    A retiring drug dealer, his drug-addicted wife and bodyguard are trapped by a suspended DEA Special Agent at a Thai resort in this thought-provoking thriller (from MPI)
  • Heart of Christmas (film)
    Inspired by a true story, Megan rallies the neighborhood to give a dying boy his wish to celebrate one last Christmas — even if it’s in October (from MPI)



Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 960

  • The Social Leader (El Punerto) (drama series)
    Tells the story of a political staffer who influences the actions of his neighborsfantastic biographies
  • Left on the Shelf (Para Vestir Santos) (drama series)
    After their difficult mother dies, three single sisters learn to rely on one another
  • Be Kind to Me (Tratame Bien) (drama series)
    After 22 years of marriage, Jose and Sonia realize it’s never too late to get reacquainted
  • Gypsy Blood (Soy Gitano) (telenovela)
    Jano and Lazaro were best friends growing up, but ever since Lazaro married the love of Jano’s life, their lives have been fueled by hate and vengeance
  • Fantastic Biographies (Biografías Fantásticas) (documentary series) (pictured)
    Each episode is a biography of a famous literary character
  • Methods (Métodos) (documentary series)
    Explores the creative process behind works of art
  • Tasting Notes (Notas de Catas) (documentary series)
    Wine expert Marina Beltrame brings viewers up-to-date on the world of wine


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 860

  • The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (film)
    This CGI-animated rock ’n roll opera tells the story of a Puerto Rican delinquent living in NYC who’s swept underground to face nightmarish creatures raggs
  • Mostly Ghostly II & III (films)
    The adventures of Max, Nicky and Tara (and the fume-spewing demon Phears) continue in these films, based on a popular book series
  • Heaven (documentary)
    Shot in exotic locations, the doc focuses on Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu believers who live their lives in the name of Heaven
  • Quigley (family feature film)
    A wealthy practical joker named Archie is killed in an accident and returns to earth as a Pomeranian named Quigley. He must retrieve a CD he made before it ruins lives
  • Raggs (children’s series) (pictured)
    Five dogs play rock ’n roll music in their clubhouse
  • Pinching Penny (film)
    Alex and his accomplice Murphy are consumed by their desire to own everything — and their crimes escalate from petty robbery to kidnapping
  • Original Sensations (entertainment series)
    Original Sensations is a brand that creates content for multimedia platforms. The video and pictures are available in SD and HD. Filmed bi-weekly or on a monthly schedule, they can be localized


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 1706

  • The L.A. Complex (drama series) (pictured)
    Six 20-somethings have just arrived in L.A. to pursue their dreams of being starsL.A. Complex
  • Degrassi: Season 11 (drama series)
    The Emmy-nominated teen series puts a spotlight on the issues teens face in high school
  • Teen Days (animation series)
    Six friends attend a new performing arts school, with dreams of breaking into the music industry
  • The Case for Christmas (film)
    A lawyer defends Santa Claus in what might just be the biggest trial in history
  • Rich Bride, Poor Bride (reality series)
    Delves into what it takes to arrange and execute the “perfect” wedding


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 1716

  • The Firm (drama series) (pictured)
    Picks up the story of Mitchell McDeere 10 years after the end of John Grisham’s bestsellerfirm
  • Saving Hope (drama series)
    When the chief of surgery at a Toronto hospital falls into a coma, his fiancé — a fellow surgeon — must save his life and keep everyone’s hope alive
  • Hell on Wheels (drama series)
    Set in post-Civil War America, a former Confederate soldier seeks revenge on the men who killed his wife
  • The Walking Dead (drama series)
    Survivors struggle to stay alive in a world ravaged by a zombie epidemic of apocalyptic proportions
  • Peppa Pig (family series)
    Peppa, her little brother George and their parents have happy adventures
  • Rookie Blue (drama series)
    After two years on the job, the rookies of the 15 Division are on their way to becoming experienced police officers, but they’ll learn that experience doesn’t hold all the answers
  • Marley Africa Road Trip (documentary series)
    Thirty years after he performed in Zimbabwe, Bob Marley’s sons — Ziggy, Rohan and Robbie — go on a journey to Africa to uncover the roots of their father’s music, family and legacy


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 1714

  • Estudio 2 (performance variety series)
    lagrimita y cosel Hosted by Sergio Catalan, Maribel Guardia and Ninel Conde, the show features live music and comedy performances and an amateur competition
  • A que no puedes and A que no puedes VIP (game show)
    Teams compete for cash by performing a hidden talent
  • Lagrimita y Costel (comedy/variety series) (pictured)
    In each episode, a legendary father/son comedy team performs skits, physical challenges and music
  • El Shaka (drama series)
    Tells the story of Mexico’s most notorious drug lord as he tries to reconcile his religious beliefs with his job
  • José Luis sin censura (talk show)
    This controversial talk show is devoted to emotionally charged topics


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 760

  • Freddy Frogface (film)
    dog saved halloween The 3D family film follows Victor and his friends as they outsmart the town bully and win a circus talent contest
  • The Expatriate (film)
    An ex-CIA agent and his estranged daughter are victims of a conspiracy
  • Barca Toons (animated series)
    A football team, the Barca Toons, are the alter egos of the FC Barcelona players and the perfect example of a true team
  • Albert Nobbs (film)
    Glenn Close stars as a woman disguised as a male butler in a posh Dublin hotel
  • The Dog Who Saved Halloween (film) (pictured)
    It’s up to Zeus the dog to set things straight when burglars make a mess of Halloween


2700 Colorado Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

  • Anger Management (comedy series)
    Charlie Sheen returns to TV as a non-traditional therapist who’s driven by the chaos in his life and specializes in anger managementmad men
  • Are We There Yet? (comedy series)
    Former ladies’ man Nick bonds with his stepchildren
  • Blue Mountain State (comedy series)
    College freshmen become instant campus-wide celebrities when they join the football team
  • Boss (drama series)
    Kelsey Grammer stars as a powerful mayor in a competitive political environment
  • Mad Men (drama series) (pictured)
    This provocative series follows the lives of those who work in advertising on Madison Avenue in the 1960s
  • Nail Files (reality series)
    The docu-soap gives viewers a glimpse of what life’s like for actress-turned-entrepreneur Katie Cazorla, who owns and operates a nail salon teeming with Hollywood customers
  • Weeds (dramedy)
    Nancy, who’s gone from pot-selling suburban widow to cartel concubine and politician’s wife, faces her biggest challenge yet: protecting her family


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 1401

  • Wobworld (children’s series) (pictured)
    An educational series and interactive website for kids ages two-to-seven that teach them about health, science and lifewobworld
  • Finding Hope (drama series)
    An abducted child-bride escapes a cruel polygamist cult leader
  • Forbidden Jungle (family series)
    A century in the future, astronaut Joe “Wrong Way” Murphy mistakenly lands in the Forbidden Jungle (in development)
  • Documentary Collection (documentaries)
    Includes one- and two-hour documentaries and multi-episode series such as Frank Sinatra: The Very Good Years, Television: The First 50 Years and 50 Years: The Best of Hollywood

Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 1748

  • SWEEPSfeed (short-form video series)
    enterete tu Eight market-exclusive news reports each month covering consumer alerts, investigations and more
  • HealthDay TV (short-form video series)
    Every weekday, host and chief medical officer Dr. Cindy Haines offers breaking health news
  • Entérete Tú (video series) (pictured)
    A fresh perspective on life’s OMG moments, teaching viewers how to cope
  • Nightly Business Report (business news series)
    Analyzes top business, investment and economic news, and offers special reports
  • Outcast Kustoms (unscripted series)
    An outrageous crew provides an inside look at the design, engineering and restoration of big rigs, RVs and trucks


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 1928

  • 7 Below (film)blackout
    After their bus crashes, strangers shack up in a house with a bloody history
  • Blood Money (film)
    Zheng Zhou is the world’s most feared Shaolin warrior who falls into a world of drugs and crime after the murder of his parents and kidnapping of his sister
  • Treasure Island (miniseries)
    A new take on the tale of buried fortunes and buccaneers
  • Neverland (miniseries)
    The story of Peter Pan’s arrival in Neverland, when he first crossed swords with Captain Hook
  • Blackout (miniseries) (pictured)
    A computer hacker is forced to execute the biggest blackout to hit California, and it’s up to Agent Strickland to restore order
  • Lou (film)
    When Lou’s grandfather (who has Alzheimer’s) mistakes her for his former wife, she discovers what it means to be loved
  • Outcast (film)
    Mary and her teenage son are on the run from a dangerous man who uses dark magic to track them down


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 1502

  • King David (series)rebel rio
    David is chosen by God to replace King Saul, who has disobeyed and displeased Him
  • Jackpot! (telenovela)
    A group of friends win the lottery and make a pact: everyone must accomplish a goal within one year, and only then can they cash in fully
  • Rebel Rio (teen telenovela) (pictured)
    Despite differences, five students at the rigorous Elite Way school bond over their passion for music
  • River of Intrigues (telenovela)
    Everything is transformed when a mega-project comes to a quiet town
  • Another Power (telenovela)
    Tony’s family is killed in a car bombing aimed at him. Determined to avenge their deaths, he falls in love along the way
  • The Law and the Crime (series)
    Catarina becomes a police commissioner after her father’s murder
  • Samson and Delilah (series)
    Samson, a Hebrew military hero, is no match for the Philistine seductress Delilah


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 1902

  • The Hunger Games (Los Juegos del Hambre) (feature film) (pictured)hunger games
    Teenager Katniss heads off to the Hunger Games, where the rule is kill or be killed
  • The Artist (El Artista) (feature film)
    The dawn of talking movies in Hollywood spells disaster for one actor, success for another
  • Looper (feature film)
    A criminal organization of the future sends murderers through time to kill the last version of themselves
  • Chernobyl Diaries (feature film)
    Six tourists hire a guide to take them to the former home of Chernobyl nuclear reactor employees, where they find out they’re not alone
  • Gambit (feature film)
    A thief and a sculptor convince a woman to steal a Chinese bust from a millionaire


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 1918

  • Corazón Valiente (Fearless Heart) (telenovela)maid
    Two female bodyguards must protect the men they love
  • Una Maid en Manhattan (A Maid in Manhattan) (telenovela) (pictured)
    Based on the film by the same name, an entrepreneur mistakes a fancy hotel maid for a guest
  • Relaciones Peligrosas (Dangerous Affairs) (telenovela)
    Miranda teaches at a Miami high school where she’s forced to choose between reason and her desires
  • Esperanza: El destino del amor (Esperanza: Love’s Destiny) (telenovela)
    Esperanza becomes a maid in the household of the man with whom she had an affair over 12 years ago
  • Aquí Mando Yo (I’m the Boss) (telenovela)
    Sofia and Diego are separated but live together to raise their two daughters
  • Jardín Secreto (Secret Garden) (telenovela)
    Supernatural powers are at work to show two lovers how true love can change people, regardless of class



Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 1915

  • Valiant Love (telenovela)
    Though Camila and Daniel meet under difficult circumstances, love conquers all
  • Me, Her…and Eva! (comedy series)
    Juan Carlos Caballero is an unapologetic womanizer who steals an innovative project for a tourist complex from an enterprising young woman
  • Parodiando (reality series) (pictured)
    Two comedic talents train contestants in comedy and parody, and the winner takes home a big prize


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 1702

  • Válgame Dios (The Love Curse) (telenovela) (pictured)
    valgame The women of the Lopez family always fall in love with the wrong men, and only one person knows how to break the curse
  • Natalia del Mar (Natalia) (telenovela)
    Natalia and Luis Manuel have been in love since they were kids, and they refuse to let social differences come between them, until a secret changes everything
  • El Talismán (The Talisman) (telenovela)
    Camila falls in love with the man who supposedly stole her father’s ranch
  • Corazón Apasionado (Passions of the Heart) (telenovela)
    Patricia must face her grandmother’s disapproval when she falls for the wrong man
  • El Árbol de Gabriel (Gabriel’s Family Tree) (telenovela)
    Searching his family tree for an organ donor, a man who thought he had it all finds love
  • Destinos de Bikini (Bikini Destinations) (variety)
    Swimsuit models travel to exotic locations in each episode
  • Videos Caseros & Bloopers (Home Videos & Bloopers) (comedy series)
    From French production house Novavision, the non-dialogue programs include Hilarious Home Video Show and Extreme Sport Bloopers


Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 1741

  • Raw (sports entertainment series) (pictured)
    raw Filmed at arenas across the globe, this live-event show combines in-ring competition with a rock-concert ambiance
  • SmackDown (sports entertainment series)
    Pyrotechnics and unpredictable drama dazzle viewers from packed venues around the world in this weekly program
  • Superstars (sports entertainment series)
    Fans can catch the WWE roster all in one place when Superstars and Divas converge
  • WWE Pay-Per-Views/Specials (sports entertainment series)
    Features unique stories, athleticism and larger-than-life confrontations, topped off by WrestleMania