January 2007 Issue

Cover Stories:


  • World: U.S., France, India, Australia, Egypt, China, Germany and Thailand

  • Book Review: The Brits vs. the Yanks. It’s love at first bite.

  • The regulators — consumers’ key enemy. The facts speak for themselves.
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  • Asia TV Forum Review: VideoAge’s reporters give ratings where ratings are due.

  • NATPE preview: It’s for those TV execs who want to know what it’ll be like ahead of time.

  • IPTV is here to stay. Meanwhile, before it gets comfortable, expect some “reel” competition.

  • How the past is going to affect the future, but the future will go on unconditioned by the past.

  • Haim Saban (again!). Right now, he’s too important to ignore.

  • Sección en Español
    La Inteligencia de Mercado en Internet
    Jornadas Listo Para Un Nuovo Organizador de Eventos
    Más Allá de la Revolución Digital
    Solitaire Ya No Gana a Hollywood

  • Latin America TV Distribution Directory: The who’s who of television.

  • Let’s do lunch to launch a good TV year.

  • It’s My2¢. Love it or hate it, it’s a must read! This time, regulators are blasted. After all, who needs them?
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