October 2007 Issue

Cover Stories:


  • World News: Italy, Denmark, U.S., Canada, Turkey.
    Plus, Letters to the Editor
  • Book Review: The guy on that funny cover is uncle Walt. Disney will not be pleased about this book
  • MIPCOM Preview: It’s only a formality. The full report we’ll never know
  • SPORTEL goes X-treme. What would Prince Albert of Monaco say?
  • Slingbox: TV networks better take this new gizmo seriously
  • Touring the Food Network studios in New York for food and fun
  • German TV not über scrutiny. Achtung: the locusts
    are landing
  • Peace Arch fighting its own war of independence
  • Family viewing is not dead yet. “G” content makes
    a comeback
  • Seeing dollar signs at sea with videos. Below-deck entertainment is not what it used to be
  • Cable MSOs fight movie theaters for same day-and-date window
  • Latin America Report:
    • Argentina’s Jornadas are only about growing pains
    • Claxson survives lobotomy and grows new limbs
    • Venezuela post-RCTV: Not too many viewers for “you see yourself” TV
    • Brazil pay-TV market is not just playing around with the triple-play
    • Brazil’s TV Globo International moved to
  • São Paolo and Scalamandré explains why
    • TV Forum Brazil is a winter springboard for entering the market
  • Eastern Europe TV Round-Up:
    • DISCOP starts the ball rolling
    • Russia TV has its three Musketeers too
    • The nouveau riche of Russian TV
    • Serbian TV is growing after all
    • Poland loves TV formats
    • New TV network Puls-ating with joy
  • Calendar of unforgettable events
  • Finally the end. My 2¢ cents of opinion about "green TV" and greenbacks


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