April 2008 Issue

Cover Stories:


  • World. California, Italy, Japan, UAE.
  • Book review. Star power in Hollywood’s Golden Age. Compare it with today’s age.
  • Company profile. CinemaVault is big on the fact that it likes to be small.
  • Canada’s funny bone. But to tickle it, one has to go south.
  • Ethnic TV — no longer dirty words.
  • Euros to make dollars see green.
  • Farrell Meisel explains how Poland is a dynamic TV market
  • The drama of German TV drama makes pundits cry.
  • Technology: Getting high on hi-def.
  • Hollywood turns EST after profits went south with new media.
  • Every body part of an actor can be monetized.
  • NATPE review. Moving with the times: from show business to shoe business.
  • Berlin film market report. Call it Berlinale, but it could just as well have been AFMnale.
  • MIP-TV preview. Expect lots of action, business and some reaction to the latest events.
  • Trade advertising at TV markets such as MIP is 50 percent good. At least according to Bob Jenkins.
    Which 50 percent is as yet unkown.
  • Dermot Horan plays the “What if” scenario had WGA’s strike continued into the spring or summer. Plus, what’s left of TV pilots.
  • Hollywood rewritten. The calm after the storm. Assessing post-strike damages.
  • News about fairs, conventions and conferences worldwide.
  • My 2¢. Why Canadians are funny and others are not.


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