May 2008 Issue

Cover Stories:


  • World: U.K., Afghanistan, Australia, U.S., China Plus: Famous Quotes, Letters
  • Book Review: Schulz’s life in the unfunny pages. Not just a few peanuts for Peanuts
  • MIP-TV Review: Few parties, many deals. Eco-friendliness now a plus
  • Official L.A. Screenings Guide
    • Indie Programming Selection. When Fare is Fair
    • Where, When and Who is screening
    • Parties & Events
    • 2008-2009 new season TV series. Yes, that’s all there is!
    • Capturing the moment. Photopage
    • Studio sales team. They’re the stars’ stars
    • Key acquisition executives. Always nice to see y’all.
  • Sección en Español:
    • Dólares de los L.A. Screenings para Los Angeles
    • DISCOP Africa: la última frontera de la TV
    • Evaluando los daños post-huelga. La calma luego de la tormenta
    • Hollywood apunta al EST
  • Conferences & Events News. Plus, your usual portion of dates and places

  • My 2¢. To dis-cuss or not to dis a cuss (like the “F” word on television)


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