DISCOP Listings*

Alfred Haber Distribution
Suite 221

Hollywood Uncensored
This weekly half-hour series lifts the curtain from Tinseltown to reveal an unscripted and unauthorized celebrity world

International Fight League (pictured)
The world’s first professional mixed martial arts league. This also features International Fight Night, where five fights take place between two teams, and IFL Battleground, which includes event action league news and an in-depth look at the teams and their players

Most Shocking
A caught-on-camera reality series follows the heart-pounding world of law enforcement, and features action-packed crime footage

12 teams are pitted against each other in this testosterone-driven, high-speed car rally across America

2008 50th Annual Grammy Awards
The world’s most popular music awards show celebrates its golden anniversary this year

Iron Chef America
Based on the hit Japanese show, guest chefs compete against “Iron Chefs” in this fast-paced cooking competition

Ultimate Blackjack Tour
These intense blackjack tournaments give viewers a chance to play alongside Blackjack champions

Home James
Viewers get to take a look at Hollywood through the eyes of the Home James designated driver service that gives lifts to the downright drunk


Artear Argentina/Premium Media
Suite 328

artearMujeres de Nadie (Nobody’s Women) (pictured)
Three brave women face adversities while working in a public hospital in this telenovela with deep love stories, forbidden loves, hatred and treason

Mujeres Asesinas (Killer Women)
In the third season of this series, women who, after falling prey to domestic abuse, greed or ambition, were pushed to murder

Diego Maradona’s Latest Interview
In this one-hour episode, this soccer idol discusses his recent hospitalization and the rumors of his death that circulated throughout the media

Son de Fierro (The Fierro Family)
The marriage of butcher Martin Fierro and his wife Lucia is about to be turned upside down when her ex-boyfriend enters the picture in this telenovela

Jam Session
Hosted by Latin guitarist Diego Mizrahi, each episode manages to teach and entertain the audience through different musical styles

Fiscales (Prosecutors)
This miniseries follows a district attorney’s daily routine: from arrival on the crime scene to the final allegation


Bavaria Media Television
Suite 326

Bitter Tropics (Tropiques Amers)
A representation of slavery in the French colonies from 1788 to 1807, this miniseries depicts two women’s fight for survival. One is an aristocrat, the other is a slave

Génesis — In the Mind of a Killer (Genesis — En la Mente del Assassino) (pictured)
A team of passionate specialists solves mysterious cases with forensic methods in this crime investigation series

Unforgotten (Der Kronzeuge)
In this thriller, a mobster is released from jail and sets out to avenge the brother-in-law who sent him there

Tempest of Love (Sturm der Liebe 2)
This sequel to telenovela Storm of Love continues the story of a young woman who must decide between two men against the scenic backdrop of the Alps

November Man (Der Novembermann)
Following the sudden death of his wife, a pastor discovers that she had been carrying on a decade-long affair, and meets her lover

Donna Leon — Willful Behavior (Die dunkle Stude de Serenissima)
Venice’s Commissario Brunetti searches for lost art and buried secrets dating back to Mussolini’s era following the death of a young woman

Cuban Love Story (Eine Liebe in Kuba)
When a German financial analyst travels to Cuba to convince a family to sell a seafront property to make way for a luxury resort, he finds himself falling in love

Lakeside Doctors — Shadows in Paradise (Der Arzt vom Wörthersee II- Schatten im Paradies)
Max is a doctor with a practice in a lakeside town, and Susanne, his girlfriend, heads the town’s clinic. Trouble ensues when her ex-boyfriend becomes administrative director


Carsey-Werner International
Suite 5 (Mezzanine)

That ’70s Show
This sitcom follows a group of high school kids growing up in the groovy decade where bell-bottoms were all the rage

3rd Rock from the Sun (pictured)
A group of aliens, disguised as humans, come to earth to learn about its people and customs in this sitcom

Grace Under Fire
A divorced, ex-alcoholic oil refinery worker tries to rebuild her life and family

Silk Stalkings
Rita Lee Lance and Chris Lorenzo solve high-profile (and high-society) crimes of passion for the Palm Beach Police Department


CBS Paramount International Television
Suite 211

Cane (pictured)
Jimmy Smits stars in this epic drama about a large Cuban-American family running a highly successful sugar and rum business in Florida

A peek into the shag-carpeted suburban homes of the 1970s reveals a sexual and social revolution that involves open marriages and, well, a lot of “shagging”

David Duchovny returns to TV in a series that centers on a novelist who struggles to raise his teenage daughter and relaunch his career while indulging in self-destructive behavior

Life is Wild
A veterinarian father moves his blended family from New York City to spend a year living in a game reserve deep inside South Africa in this family drama

Kid Nation
40 kids spend 40 days away from their parents to rebuild a ghost town that died in the 19th Century in this reality series

Online Nation
Producers scour the nearly infinite number of websites and blogs to find the hottest, most unique, and sometimes-bizarre user-generated material in this reality show

Eight Days a Week
In this comedy series, four young New York City-based assistants pay their dues by working for outrageously egomaniacal bosses


Suite 121

America’s Got Talent (pictured)
From the producers of American Idol comes this search for the hottest variety/novelty acts across the U.S.

Apollo 11: The Untold Story
Buzz Aldrin, and secret, never-before-seen documents reveal the incredible story behind the Apollo mission

Apollo 13: The Inside Story
The men who set our for the moon but nearly never came back reveal their inside story in his one-hour special

The Best Years
DVD rights are available for this series about Samantha Best and her fellow students setting up their futures at fictional Ivy League school, Charles University

Jamie at Home
DVD rights are available for this series that follows celebrity chef Jamie Oliver as he cooks at home, using simple and accessible ingredients

Love You to Death
This series, hosted by cult director John Waters, tells the spine-tingling tales of marriages that turned to murder

Prehistoric Park
Nigel Marven goes back in time to rescue prehistoric animals from extinction in this CGI/animatronic series


Globo TV International
Suite 218

Pages of Life
This telenovela deals with family relations and love in a light, yet real manner, addressing important social issues such as Downs Syndrome and alcoholism

Little Missy (pictured)
Forbidden love between Little Missy and attorney Rodolfo takes center stage in this telenovela that takes place during the years leading up to the abolition of slavery in the second half of the 19th Century

Snakes & Lizards
This comedic telenovela handles the increasing distance between loyalty and friendship, and power and money

Like a Wave
Daniel crossed the Atlantic Ocean in an effort to flee Portugal and ends up at a safe haven on a idyllic island paradise in Brazil, where he finds the love of his life

Shot in 96 locations, this series revolves around a doctor who works on an AIDS prevention project in the largest house of detention in Latin America

City of Men
Based on Brazilian film City of God, this series follows two friends who live adventurous and dangerous lives in a Rio slum

Today is Maria’s Day
This Globo TV International super-production is recorded in high definition and stars young actress Carolina de OlivEIra

It’s Your Call
In this format, the audience participates in choosing the end of a polemic story in real time


Suite 324

Maternity Ward
A brilliant physician is unfairly accused of a surgery error and transferred to an almost-defunct maternity ward in this series

A Matter of Respect
Two brothers decide to avenge their father’s death; one takes the lawful route, the other takes that of organized crime

Mom After All
Mother and daughter Eleonora and Stella rebuild their relationship after years of misunderstandings once Stella’s husband gets into serious financial trouble

Nasiriyah (pictured)
This miniseries tells the true tale of a unit of Italian soldiers sent to Iraq during 2003; the group must come to terms with corruption, terrorism and a shortage of water

What if Santa Claus…Again?
Just two days before Christmas, northern Italy is shaken by a series of thefts carried out by a man dresses up as Santa Claus. Ezechiele sets out to save the day on a night full of surprises, magic wands and enchanted Christmas trees


Mondo TV
Suite 112

In this animated co-production with RAI, a young orphan child thinks of himself as an Indian and travels the streets of Lahore, until he meets a Tibetan monk in search of a purifying river

Welcome Back Pinocchio
A cat, fox and a harlequin persuade Pinocchio to swipe the contents of a school safe to save poor children, but his act may cause him to be transformed back into a piece of wood

The Old Testament
This series explores the oldest stories in the world, reliving the moments before the birth of Jesus


Sandra Carter Global
Suite 22 (Mezzanine)

The Hollywood Reporter
This magazine series goes beyond the eponymous magazine’s headlines, and offers an insider’s look into the film and entertainment industries

Shop the World: For Beauty Secrets
Provides viewers with tips and secret techniques from all over the world that help the stars look beautiful

Soccer’s Greatest Challenges
A profile of the soccer champions of the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s, and what they see as their greatest challenges

Soccer Greats
Biographies of the world’s greatest players

Brush with Life
A reality program seeks to find every country’s best new artist


Telefe International
Suite 217

The Boss (pictured)
Omar Yariff is in for the surprise of his life when he finds out his late father was a Mafia kingpin and that he must now take over

A comedy of errors about four characters who join an escort agency: a “house husband,” a philosophy teacher, an eternal loser and a strange young homeless man

Breaking Rules
A strict and prestigious federal judge hides a dark past in this telenovela

A group of abandoned kids, who were exploited by two powerful people, are saved when they meet an acrobat and an archaeologist who enhance their lives

Romeo and Juliet
The William Shakespeare classic is adapted to modern times in this telenovela that revolves around Julieta Caporale and Romeo Montero

Montecristo- The Telenovela
After being betrayed, Santiago Díaz Herrera, a man who once had everything, finds his life a living hell

Tiny Angels 2006
The kid and family series returns with new characters, amazing adventures and many surprises

Brothers, Detectives & Co
A comedy about a detective with limited intelligence who uses his younger, smarter brother to help him solve crimes


Telemundo Internacional
Suite 114

Grains of Love
A strong-willed, attractive, 49-year-old woman finds herself in a love triangle with the secret father of her children, and his other son

Someone is Watching
This telenovela begins with the death of a well-known socialite as witnessed by a group of four people. As time goes on, everyone will become a target

4 Lives…For Love  (pictured)
Four friends live and love together, exposing the daily lives of modern-day women

Sweet Secret
A handsome young heir to a failing chocolate factory becomes involved with a beautifully proportioned, yet ugly, girl

Maria’s Heart
After losing his wife in a car accident just hours after getting married, Miguel gets reunited with his wife’s heart, which has been transplanted into another woman

This telenovela tells the tale of a sweet and brave girl who drives a tourist boat in Acapulco. After the sudden death of her mother, she must move into an elegant mansion with a wealthy family

Zorro: The Sword and the Rose
The masked avenger — who has transcended literature, movies and television — is back in this telenovela

Starting Over
A group of friends must start over, transforming their lives entirely


Televisa Estudios
Suite 319, 320

The Panther (El Pantera)(pictured)
A charming, seductive and charismatic urban hero fights crime, corruption and injustice in the world’s largest city in this action series

And Now What? (Y Ahora Que Hago?)
This sitcom follows the everyday life of real-life famous TV host Adal Ramones

RBD The Family (RBD La Familia)
This TV drama series is based on the real-life stories of members of musical sensation RBD

A Movie about Eggs (Una Película de Huevos)
A small egg named Oto wants to become a chicken and embarks on a quest to return to his farm with a noisy egg named Willy and a crazy bacon strip in this animated movie

Ugly Duckling (Patito Feo)
A sweet girl named Patito embarks on an adventure to meet her father, become a famous singer and conquer her true love’s heart in this telenovela

Reins of Love (Bajo las Riendas del Amor)
Privileged and beautiful, accomplished horse rider Montserrat finds an enemy in her cousin Ingrid in this telenovela

The Magnificent Five (Los Cincos Magnificos)
In this format, seven celebrity-headed teams compete in daredevil challenges for seven dreams that, if they should come true, will benefit the lives of dozens of boys and girls

Thirteen Fears (Trece Miedos)
13 tales of mystery and suspense will keep this format’s viewers nervously awake…from a dead woman who refuses to leave her husband to a man who receives emails from a dead friend


*All suites are located in the Sofitel Atrium hotel in Budapest