May 2007 Issue

Cover Stories:


  • World: Canada, India, Italy, Japan, Thailand. Plus, Famous Quotes and Letter to the Editor
  • Children and TV. Television almost always loses the game, but kids can still miss out
  • MIP-TV review. Is it possible that it pleased everyone?
  • Official L.A. Screenings Guide

      Independent Programming Selection (find the diamond in the rough)

      Who’s Screening (and why… sorry, where)

      It’s Party Time (call organizers to RSVP)
      2007-2008 new season Series (Think about the fall)

      Paparazzi At Work (capturing the mood)

      Studio Sales Teams (The new aristocracy)

      Key Acquisitions Executives (they’re all there, except those who are missing)

  • Sección en Español:
    Empresas que alteraron el mapa de medios
    El otro jugoso negocio de las teleseries
    El futuro de la TV llegado finalmente a Plainview
    De Roma a Nueva York con amor: IPTV
  • Calendar of events. By now we’re all tired of these events, but grin’n bear it for just a little longer
  • My 2¢. Stronger together: Some advice for independents looking to conquer the L.A. Screenings


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